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P.L.A. Henry Lever Action

pla henry lever action 3d printed

P.L.A. Henry Lever Action STL Files

3D printed P.L.A. (printed using PLA filament) Henry classic lever action H001

P.L.A. Henry Details

The 3D printing community has finally got around to releasing one of the ultimate classics. The 3D printed P.L.A. (printed using PLA filament) Henry classic lever action H001 receiver chambered in .22LR/L/S rifle has arrived.

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The Henry is one of the favorites of gun owners around the country and often the first gun one receives as a young man growing up in the country (not exactly relatable being from Chicago but so I hear).

P.L.A. Henry Lever Action in the Wild



P.L.A. Henry Lever Action History

The Henry lever action is the ultimate classic.

First used across the American west and originally coming to market in the early 1860s the Henry is now getting its first 21st-century makeover.

The Henry was even used in the Civil war and in the famous battle of Little Big Horn.

While the original Henry can be seen in hundreds of Western movies, you can bet your hat that none of the cowboys saw a 3D space printer creating the next generation of lever action rifle classics.

P.L.A. Henry Lever Action Tech Specs

The P.L.A. Henry fits nearly all Henry parts kits outside of the Locust which this printed receiver is not built for.

This version will also require drilling out the holes to the final dimension for most of the pins, as well as some general fitting.

Required Parts for the P.L.A. Henry Lever Action

Many 3D printed gun files we find often require a shopping list of parts and hardware, making the barrier to entry for some gun build quite difficult.

The P.L.A. Henry lever action is an exception here. With a fairly short shopping list, you can have your new rifle ready to go with just a few purchases.

Below we cover everything required to print, build, and assemble your new Henry H001 22LR rifle.

Materials Required

The following materials are required to finish the henry:

  • x1 Henry H001 parts kit
  • x1 M4 x 8 socket head screw
  • x1 M4 Nut

Tools Required

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • M4 Drill Bits
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Socket screw

Suggested 3D Print Settings

Slicer Settings:

  • Nozzle dia: 0.4mm
  • Layer Height: 0.2-0.3mm
  • Perimeters: 5+
  • Infill: 100%
  • Skirt/Brim: 5mm Brim
  • Support: On build plate only
  • Support Z distance: 0.15mm
  • Speed: ~30mm/s or less
  • Extrusion width: 0.6mm
  • External perimeter extrusion width: 0.4mm
  • Cooling: Off/low


PLA + is suggested here, as with most 3D gun builds due to its durability and precision.

  • Temp: ~225-235c
  • Bed: ~55c + glue stick

Wrap Up

Go pick yourself up some Marlboro Reds, a 3D printer, quarter horse and seize the signal today.

Download and print the P.L.A. Henry H001 and get to plinking some 22LR at your local gun range.

This 3D-printed gun is sure to make the FUDs lose their s***.

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