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3DP90 STL Files

One-Handed braced, 3D printed P90 Bullpup style pistol chambered in 5.7×28.

3DP90 Receiver Details

After long and anticipated “beta” testing the 3D printed P90, also known as the 3DP90 has been released to the public.

Developed by the 3D gun building group known as AWCY (Are We Cool Yet?) the 3DP90 brings a classic and eccentric firearm, ready to print at your home.

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The 3D printed p90 attempted to go as close as possible to a 100% DIY firearm as possible. AWCY included instructions and designs including the lower receiver, clamshell, bolt, barrel, magazines, and even a hardware round counter.

While this is certainly not one of the easiest builds a 3D printed P90 is absolutely one of the coolest (no pun intended).

3D Printed P90 in the Wild



3DP90 Tech Specs

The 3DP90 is technically a One-Handed braced, bullpup pistol made at home and chambered in 5.7×28.

AWCY has included several configurations including a pistol, carbine, and rifle “Bullpup style” P90.

The 3DP90 has a combined firing test count of over 10,000 rounds and the developer reminds you to lube the bolt heavily due to its non-OEM design.

The “Halo style” round counter is another unique feature of this gun that will definitely turn heads and break necks at the range.

Required Parts for the 3D Printed P90


The frame parts may look a bit overwhelming at first but AWCY does provide a complete bill of materials that includes the link to each individual part.

The required 3DP90 frame parts are as follows:

  • AR fire control group
  • Antiwalk Pins
  • Barrel
  • Aluminum flat bars
  • M2.5 x 14mm flat countersunk screws
  • M4x10mm socket head screws
  • M4x15mm (or 16mm) socket head screws
  • M4x30mm socket head screws
  • QD cup from Amazon
  • flush mount ball spring plunger
  • M6x45mm set Screw
  • M6x60 button head screw
  • M6x7x7.9 brass heat set inserts
  • M6x25 button head screws
  • M6x30 socket head screw
  • M4 tapered heat set inserts
  • M4x25mm socket head screws
  • 7/32″ x 11/16″ compression Spring
  • M3x200mm unthreaded steel rods
  • 7/32″ x 1-1/2″ compression Spring
  • 9/32″ x 3/4″ compression spring
  • M4 hexnuts
  • M5 Hexnut
  • M6 hexnut
  • M6x8mm allen grub
  • M3x16mm countersunk flat head screws
  • m3 heatset inserts
  • M3x25mm allen grub screw
  • M6 Flangenuts
  • M5x40mm low profile flat head screw
  • M6 rod
  • 29) 2.5mm x 200mm unthreaded steel rod
  • M3x15mm socket head screws


The 3DP90 bolt can be made relatively easily at home.

You will need the following hardware to finish the bolt:

  • 2mm x 16mm steel dowels
  • 3mm x 16mm steel dowel
  • 4mm x 300mm HSS Rods
  • 1LB Ingot of Cerrosafe
  • 11″ Long, 0.24″ OD, 0.178″ ID Music-Wire (0.031″ wire diameter) Steel Compression Spring
  • AR-15 detent spring
  • 0.3mm x 4mm x 20mm compression spring
  • SendCutSend Plates made from included DXFs [minimum order is $30 so order 3 of each plate]
  • M4x100mm countersunk screws
  • M4x4mm Allen Grub Screw
  • 4-5mm E-Clips

Tools Required

This 3D printed gun requires a few additional tools that you may need to pick up from Amazon or your local hardware store, these include:

  • Decent hex wrench set
  • Hacksaw (for aluminum)
  • Soldering iron
  • Heat set insert tips for soldering iron
  • Needle files set
  • Soup can (with soup removed)
  • Epoxy (always good to have on hand)
  • stove, lighter, or blowtorch)
  • 13/16”-16 HSS right hand Thread Tap (optional)
  • Locking pliers with 1” grip
  • Electrical tape
  • Metaphorical cojones & hatred of the false god Apophis

Suggested 3D Print 3DP90 Settings

The slicer settings for the 3D-printed 3DP90 are as follows:

Infill: 40%+

Walls: 6+

Supports: yes


  • PLA+ (eSun, Polymerk or simular) or Stronger


A small update was pushed a day after release to tweak a few parts of the documentation:

  • fixed some text in the guide being cut off
  • expanded barrel instruction to cater to people who are limited by skill

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