3d printed ps522

PS522 STL Files

Printable receiver for the Sig Sauer 522

The Little Sister Everyone Forgets About

Sig Sauer’s lineup is full of shining stars, but sometimes its nice to see some of the lesser known siblings get loved on by the community. The PS522 is just that kind of release, a project made to resurrect a relatively unknown rifle for the sole purpose of enjoying it.

Delivered by Vinh Nguyen, a legendary developer in his own right with nearly two dozen releases to his name, this collectible is sure to excite any Sig fan.

In The Wild


PS522 Technical Specs

The files are designed to accommodate PLA+ as a minimum, and documentation recommends specific print settings. Durability may vary depending on selected print settings and printing materials.

The design is meant to support standard SIG 522 parts, and is compatible with the following magazines:

  • Any AR-pattern magazine using the CMMG .22LR conversion
  • Black Dog Machine .22LR AR-pattern magazine
  • Sig Sauer .22LR AR-pattern magazine

PS522 Parts List


  • SIG 522 complete upper assembly
  • SIG 522 assembled lower receiver


  • Pliers
  • Armorer’s driver bit set

PS522 Build Instructions

Brought back from the grave, the PS522 is a perfect addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Download and build one today!

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