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Vinh Nguyen

vinh nyguen

Vinh Nguyen

I’m Vinh and I am the employ for my brief flashes of intelligence


Who is Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen is a 3D CAD designer and gun developer along with being one of the most respected people in the 3D firearms space.

You can find Vinh on Twitter and in his own words “‘I’m Vinh and i am the employ for my brief flashes of intelligence”.

Vinh Nguyen has also built out one of the most in-depth guides and resources for 3D gun printing covering everything from choosing a printer, slicing STL files, and Polishing off your prints.

You can learn more about 3D printing guns and Vinh at

3D Gun Designs

3d printed sig mpx


MERP SIG MPX Details The 3D printed SIG MPX began its journey in early 2020 when respected developer Vinh Nguyen

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sw mp 9 vinh 3d print

S&W M&P 9

S&W M&P 9 Details The 3D printed Smith & Wesson M&P 9 is chambered in 9mm is here. M&P 9s

Details »
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