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TMS-94 FNS40/FNS9 STL Files

3D Printed TMS-FNS 3D Printable FNS40/FNS9

TMS FNS40/FNS9 Details

The TMS-94 is a 3D printed frame that is compatible with both the FNS40 and FNS9.

The TMS-94 is also able to be used with both the standard and “long” FNS9/40 slides. This makes the TMS-94 one of the more versatile 3D guns on the market(often the 3D builds require more specific slides/parts kits to be compatible).

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The only thing missing from the 3D printable FNS is the ability to add or change backstraps.

Alothough we hope this may be a feature in the TMS-94 v2.

The FNS9 and FNS40 has long been admired for it’s excellent ergonomics and backstrap versatility.

TMS FNS40/FNS9 in the Wild


TMS-94 3D Printed FNS40 Review
TMS-94 FNS40 Magazine Dump

TMS FNS40/FNS9 Tech Specs

  • Full Size – For full-size magazines and full-size slides.
  • Compact – For compact magazines and compact slides.
  • Chode – For full-size magazines and compact slides.
  • Stubby – For compact magazines and full-size slides.
  • Longslide – For full-size magazines and Longslides, by Skinnypew.

Required Parts for the FNS40/FNS9 3D Build

The following parts are required for the TMS-94, both the FNS40 and FNS9 builds:

Materials Required

You will need a set of each below for each pistol you make.

  • x1 Complete FNS Slide Assembly – (Slide, barrel, recoil assembly, slide internals)
  • x1 Complete FNS Lower Completion Parts Kit – (Trigger, rear assembly, slide catch, disassembly lever, locking block, front frame pin, rear frame pin, trigger pin, slide lock spring, Z-spring)
  • x1 FNS magazine – of your choice in caliber and size.

Tooling Required

  • x1 4mm drill bit
  • x1 hammer
  • x1 2 – 4mm pin punch
  • x1 2.5mm roofing nail and vise grip (optional)

Suggested 3D Print Settings

Material: – PLA+ Esun/Inland recommended

Nozzle – 0.4mm

Layer Height: – 0.16mm

Temp: – 220C/60C

Infill: – 99-100%

Supports: – On (If using tree supports, press buildplate only. Otherwise use everywhere)

Cooling Fan: – 20% normal, 50% on bridges. Off for the first 10 layers. Keep the fan low to prevent warp.

Bed Adhesion: – For newer tempered glass beds, you may find it possible to print with just a clean bed like me. For smooth glass, use masking tape, gluesticks, or hairspray.

Orientation – Print the frame upright. (This means magwell down.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your FNS9/FNS40 parts kit have a safety?

If so, you will need to go to nguyenkvvn’s variant that accomodates this feature, which can be found in the “Beta Tester Remixes” folder.


If you are looking for an FNS9 or FNS40 that is not tracked by the government, is more based, and comes in hot pink, the TMS-94 is the handgun for you.

Fire up your 3D printer and get to blasting!

Is something missing or incorrect?

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