FMDA AR15 22LR Lower

fmda 22 ar15 lower receiver

FMDA AR15 22LR Lower STL Files

3D Printed AR15 22LR Lower Receiver by FreeMenDontAsk

FMDA AR15 22LR Lower Details

Do you want to save some money on ammo? FreeMenDontAsk’s AR15 22LR receiver is the perfect 3D gun for such a case.

22LR is a smaller caliber which makes 3D printing a frame for this caliber much safer and long-lasting.

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FMDA AR15 22LR Lower in the Wild



FreeMenDontAsk AR15 22LR Lower History

This AR15 22LR lower receiver was released on the internet in April 2020.

FreeMenDontAsk is a well-respected 3D gun developer known for his high-quality releases.

The 22LR AR lower receiver maintains the usual quality and has become a small-caliber rifle class leader.

FMDA AR15 22LR Lower Tech Specs

The FMDA 22LR lower is compatible with an 22LR AR15 upper and optimized for easy 3D printing.

Required Parts for the FreeMenDontAsk AR15 22LR

  • 22LR AR15 Upper Parts Kit
  • Standard Mil-Spec AR Grip
  • Printers Choice of Stock

Tools Required

  • 3D Printer (Ender 3 v2 Suggested)
  • Drill
  • Armors Hammer
  • Pliers

Suggested 3D Print Settings

  • Print lower 99% infill quality PLA with support
  • Print both the brace and buffer tube without supports standing upright
  • Print the brace at 99% infill concentric, buffer tube 40% infill lines shell 4 outer walls

Wrap Up

If you enjoy plinking at the range and don’t want to break the bank, FMDA’s 22LR AR15 receiver is an excellent option.

Flip the on switch on your 3D printer and start printing freedom today!

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