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The Chimera .410 is a hybrid 3D printed and metal framed break barrel shotgun.

In recent months, the idea of combining 3D printed components along with easy-to-order fabricated metal parts has become popular (see the DB Alloy).

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This Shotgun, designed by 3D gun developer Pilot Geek, builds on this idea.

This 3D printed shotgun fires a single shot via a break barrel-styled breach face and continues to push the boundary on how much “power” you can pack into a PLA-based firearm.

Chimera .410 Shotgun in the Wild



3D Printed Chimera .410 Tech Specs

The Chimera is a unique 3D printed and metal hybrid break barrel shotgun designed to shoot .410 shotgun shells. This innovative design combines 3D printed components with precisely fabricated steel tubing to create a functional, manual-action firearm.

Critical parts like the trigger, receiver, striker, and break latch are 3D printed at 100% infill for strength. The frame utilizes 1” square steel tubing for the foregrip, receiver/buttstock, and break latch hinge. A 3⁄4” DOM steel barrel blank fits into the receiver.

Additional hardware like steel rods, screws, springs, and epoxy glue is required to complete assembly. Careful fabrication using the included templates is critical – holes must be precisely drilled and channels cleanly cut into the steel tubing. Proper barrel chambering and head spacing ensure a tight breech seal and functioning action.

Once assembled, initial testing should be done remotely with strings before firing live. Inspection after each use and hearing/eye protection is recommended for safety. The Chimera was designed solely for 2.5” .410 shotgun shells, with spent cases removed manually since there is no auto-eject function.

Required Parts for the Chimera .410 Shotgun


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer
  • JB Weld
  • Plastic Safe Grease



  • Foregrip: 1″ 16ga steel tubing x 312mm
  • Receiver / Buttstock: 1” 16ga steel tubing x 400mm
  • Break Latch / Hinge: 3⁄4” 16ga steel tubing x 112mm
  • Barrel: 3⁄4” x .156” DOM tubing – Between 19 and 22” for good balance.

Screws & Hardware

  • 1⁄4” Steel Rod
  • M4 Set Screws / Grub Screws
  • Frame Screws: 34x M5x16mm
  • Barrel Pinch Bolts: 4x M5x40mm
  • 3mm Steel Rods
  • Striker & Latch Spring: 0.8mm x 6mm x 50mm Stainless Steel Compression Spring


  • Vise
  • Drill

Chimera .410 Shotgun Build Instructions


  • eSun PLA+

This innovative Chimera 3D printed/steel design allows home gunsmiths to create a unique .410 caliber break barrel shotgun with the proper skills and tools.

Continue pissing off FUDs today by 3D printing the Chimera .410 shotgun!

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