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KF5 3D Printed MP5 STL Files

The Kleiner Freund (KF5) is a 3D Printed MP5.

KF5 3D Printable MP5 Details

Infamous 3D printed gun designer Ivan the Troll has done it again with the Kleiner Freund 5, aka the KF5 3D printed MP5 sub-machine gun.

Regularly costing upwards of $7,000, the H&K MP5 is often out of reach for most gun enthusiasts.

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With the KF5, you can get the MP5 experience for a fraction of the cost.

The KF5 is a 3D printed clone of the MP5 that fires 9mm rounds.

It was designed by Ivan the Troll (builder of the Plastikov) using an open-source CAD program and is available for anyone to download and print

What is the Kleiner Freund 5 3D Printable MP5 build

The KF5 is available for anyone to download and 3D print from their own homes.

The 3D-printed MP5 is chambered in 9mm, making ammunition accessible and cost-effective for firearms lovers.

The KF5 is a 3D printed clone of the German MP5 and is probably the most popular series of submachine guns worldwide; it functions according to the proven roller-delayed blowback principle.

Tremendously reliable, with maximum safety for the user, easy to handle, modular, highly accurate, and extraordinarily easy to control when firing – HK features that are particularly appreciated by security forces and military users worldwide.

Unlike the classic version of the MP5, the Kleiner Freund 3D version tolerates brass and steel-cased ammo.

The KF5 again proves that 3D gun designers can push what is thought possible in the DIY firearms hobby.

KF5 3D Printable MP5 in the Wild



KF5 (3D Printed MP5) Mag Dump

KF5 MP5 History

The Amigo Grande, a CETME-based design by IvanPrintsGuns and Matt from Fudbusters, was the predecessor of the FP5 design. The modifications to that design for the KF5 3D printed MP5 by IvantheTroll, aka Ivan Prints Guns, have seen even more success.

Ivan has put several thousand rounds through his KF5 prototype.

We can expect that it would work fine as a casual shooter or range toy to explore 3D printed tech in a platform we know pretty well.

The MP5’s fame through modern film and video games like CounterStrike make this a highly sought-after 3D printable weapon.

KF5 3D Printable MP5 Tech Specs

What inspired the creation of the KF5? It started as a smaller version of the Amigo Grande, says KF5 designer Ivan the Troll.

Additionally, it uses AR15(not the full auto Yankee Boogle Swift Link) fire control groups instead of MP5 triggers (which are more expensive and are a bit harder to get ahold of)

The KF5 weighs around 4.5lbs with a fully loaded magazine and without a brace.

With being chambered in 9mm, the ease and fun of shooting this 3D printed MP5 are excellent.

Required Parts for the KF5 3D Printable MP5 Build

The KF5 is one of the most solid out-of-the-box STL files we have seen for a 3D-printed gun.

The print orientation and design specs are dead on for reliability and longevity.

You will only need the following parts kit(note: piecing this individually is quite tricky and nearly impossible due to importation regulations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you 3D print an MP5?

You can 3D print an MP5, i.e., the KF5, Amigo Grande, or FP5, by downloading the files from 3dgunbuilder.com or deterrencedispensed.com.

How much does 3D printing an MP5 cost?

On average, a 3D-printed MP5 costs $700 to $1200 from a parts kit online, and a 3D printer is as cheap as $200.

Are 3D printing MP5s legal?

In the United States, building a 3D-printed MP5 is legal. There are now some current restrictions on unserialized firearms coming into play. Read up on our 3D printed gun laws article to check your local rules.

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