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Hoffman Tactical

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Who is Hoffman Tactical

Hoffman Tactical is a leading developer of 3D printed firearms and accessories.

Hoffman Tactical leads the 3D gun printing space when it comes to the AR15 platform.

Some of his more popular builds include the AR15 Single Rib, Double Rip, Orca, and 308 variants.

HT also provides custom reinforcement kits for his 3D gun designs on his website hoffmantactical.com.

3D Gun Designs

hoffman tactical super safety

Super Safety

Hoffman Tactical Super Safety Details The Super Safety is a game-changing mechanism designed to enhance the efficiency of the AR15

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orca 3d printed ar15 featured

Orca AR15

Orca AR15 Details Hoffman Tactical has recently made waves in the gun industry with the release of their fully 3D

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