G19.2.3 Oem-ish

g19.2.3 oem ish

G19.2.3 Oem-ish STL Files

The G19.2.3 Oem-ish 3D Printed Glock 19 OEM Syle.

G19.2.3 OEM-ish Details

If you love the look and feel of an OEM Glock 19 with the finger grooves included we have your 3D gun file right here.

The G19.2.3 OEM-ish is the FMDA DD19.2 3D-printable Glock Frame modified to more closely resemble an OEM G19.

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In addition to Glock 19 uppers/slides, it is compatible with Glock 22 uppers/slides.

Glock 19.2.3 OEM-ish in the Wild



G19 OEM Style Ender 3 Printing in Progress

G19.2.3 OEM-ish History

The G19.2.3 OEM-ish is brand spanking new as of adding the files to 3D Gun Builder and was released on 10-09-2022.

In recent years many have complained and griped about various stylistic and “hand fit” issues with the Glock 19 such as the finger grooves, texture, and undercut.

The G19.2.3 is here to bring back the G19 the way Glock engineers originally intended.

G19.2.3 OEM-ish Tech Specs

The G19.2.3 OEM-ish is only a modified version of the battle-tested and well-designed FMDA DD19.2.

This was originally designed by FMDA and has been printed, tested, and fired 1000s of times.

If you follow the included instructions and consider there are only cosmetic modifications made to this OEM-style version of the G19; your 3D print should function great!

Required Parts for the G19.2.3 OEM-ish 3D Build

If you own a 3D printer (Ender 3)

If you have a 3D printer, you can 3D print the G19.2.3 OEM-ish at home with the following items:

  • A spool of eSun PLA+, which you can purchase from Amazon or other online websites
  • The STL files for the G19.2.3 OEM-ish available on 3D Gun Builder
  • Rails purchased aftermarket from one of the 3D gun part vendors

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 3D printed Glock 19 reliable?

Yes, as it is modeled after the flagship FMDA DD19.2 it has been found to be reliable for 1000s of rounds.

Where can I purchase rear rails and a locking block for my 3D printed Glock?

There are several rail vendors including Aves Rails, Riptide Rails, and more.


If you have printed your own G19.2.3 please comment and share pictures below.

We are eager to see more OEM-style 3D printed Glocks in the wild!

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