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Wooly Bully Taurus

wooly bully g3 taurus

Wooly Bully Taurus STL Files

The Wooly Bully is a 3d printable frame that fits the Taurus G3 slide and upper parts kit.

Wooly Bully Taurus Details

The Wooly Bully is the 3D printed lower frame for the Taurus G3 pistol.

The Taurus G3 is an excellent development for 3D printer enthusiasiats. The Taurus parts kits are extremely cost effective and affordable.

You can even purchase a fully built and working Taurus G3 or Taurus G3c to convert the pistol into a Wooly Bully.

Wooly Bully Taurus in the Wild



Wooly Bully Taurus G3 Build
Interview with Freeman1337, the Wooly Bully Taurus developer

3D Gun Developer


Freeman1337 is the author of a ton of highly anticipated 3D firearm designs.

His 3D printed designs and builds include:

  • The Fanny Blaster – 3D Printable Taurus 709 Frame
  • “The Freeloader” AR15 Magazine Loader/Unloader
  • Angled Foregrips – mk2
  • AR15 Magazine Speedloader
  • ‘Everytown’ 3D Printable AR15 22lr Magazine
  • Project lopoint v2
  • AR15 Foregrip Accessory Pack
  • ar308-speedloader
  • Wooly Bully Taurus G3

All of his 3D firearm and accessory designs can be found on his Gatalog profile or on 3D Gun Builder. It is designers like Freman1337 who are bringing the gun industry and the 2nd amendment into the 21st century.

We will be sure to watch Freeman1337’s new 3D builds as they are released to the public.

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