Fenix Ammunition Review 

Are you searching for a reliable online store where you can purchase quality ammunition at a pocket-friendly price? If so, you can trust Fenix Ammunition. 

This post will discuss the history of this business, the different products it offers, and when you can use them. We will also highlight the important features of the products so you can make the right decision. 

fenix ammunition review

Scroll down to check out the history of Fenix Ammunition and the best range of ammunition it offers. 

About Fenix Ammunition

Fenix Ammunition, LLC is a leading business providing product development, ammunition manufacturing, and equipment procurement services. It is committed to overall quality and strives for perfection when it comes to ammunition. 

fenix ammunition products

The company offers its services to international customers, military and law enforcement, and retail customers. It uses the best manufacturing methods like Six Sigma/Lean and Statistical Process Control. 

Fenix Ammunition is also known for the hilarious trolling of liberals on the Twitter platform.

Ammunition Manufacturing

The ammunition manufacturing service of Fenix Ammunition focuses on producing ammunition cartridges. These products enhance performance during competition, training, or defensive scenarios. 

The experts of this business try to match the correct ammunition type, which allows you to increase accuracy and effective terminal ballistics. 

Product Development

The product development service of Fenix Ammunition entirely focuses on the production of custom ammunition. These are designed by working directly with the customers for specific applications. 

This way, the experts of this business can create the right ammunition products that enhance the performance of weapon systems. 

Equipment Procurement

Lastly, the equipment procurement service of Fenix Ammunition focuses on offering small optics, body armor, and arms. It also offers other defense items for international and domestic organizations

Fenix Ammunition Dealer

You can become a dealer if you are interested in carrying Fenix Ammunition at their gun store. In addition, this company proudly works with private military contractors, police departments, and tactical training instructors. 

The streamlined manufacturing process of this business allows it to fulfill larger orders and smaller niche products without any issues. 

Products Offered by Fenix Ammunition

Fenix Ammunition offers various products, including training, competition, defense, body armor, and more. You can decide your requirements and easily purchase a product for safe targeting. 

#1 Training Ammunition

You can explore the options under training ammunition if you want to purchase good-quality ammunition in bulk without exceeding your budget. 

fenix ammunition bulk training ammo

Under this category, you can find training ammo made of high-quality American-made components. Plus, this equipment undergoes numerous quality inspections to ensure they are the best in the market. 

The training ammunition offered by Fenix Ammunition is best for local range or weekend VCQB classes. You get a trouble-free shooting experience with the training ammo. 

You can purchase the ammo in 250-round bulk bags and can avail of automatic discounts on quantities 500 and above. 

You can purchase products under this category, including 9mm 115gr FMJ, Reduced Power 9mm 115gr FMJ, 9mm 147gr FMJ, 9mm 124gr FMJ, Blackout 110gr Frangible, .223 Remington/5.56mm 55gr FMJBT, and more. 

#2 Competition Ammunition

The next category of products offered by Fenix Ammunition is competition ammunition. You can use these top match-grade ammo to dominate the competition, especially with IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun Shooting. 

The nation’s top competitors test all the competition ammo under this category to ensure proper functioning. The testing also ensures that the ammo has excellent accuracy, repeatable consistency, and low recoil. 

fenix ammunition competition ammo

You can find 9mm, .40S&W, and 5.56 NATO using 100% factory new brass with no compromise on the quality. 

The Fenix FC series ammo is designed and tested to meet the Power Factor for USPSA and IDPA use. In addition, you can purchase the competition ammo in 250-round bulk bags with an automatic discount on quantities of 500 and above. 

#3 Defensive Ammunition

The next category of products offered by Fenix Ammunition is defensive ammunition. Again, you can find reliable and affordable products under this category that leaves no chance. 

The defensive ammunition is manufactured using factory-new brass, Hornady XTP projectiles, and Speer Gold Dot. The ammo meets and exceeds the enhanced quality inspection. They ensure 100% functionality in critical applications. 

fenix ammunition self defense ammo

Defensive ammo is packed in 50-round quantities. You can purchase products under this category, including 9mm 124gr FXP Hollowpoint, 5.56x45mm 75gr HPBT, 10mm Auto 180gr FXP Hollowpoint, .300 Blackout 110gr FXP V-Max, and more. 

#4 Frangible Ammunition

Fenix Ammunition offers frangible ammunition with state-of-art features and non-toxic projectiles. In addition, the ammo is known to pulverize harmlessly against hardcover barriers like steel plates and more. 

The frangible ammo has a unique matrix that can be crimped but maintains a high frangibility. As a result, the ammo functions perfectly in all types of weapons and can be safely used with suppressors. 

Frangible ammo is manufactured using copper and iron dust. That’s why the ammo doesn’t contaminate the shooting area. For close-quarter battles, close-range steel targets, or shooting ranges with poor ventilation, frangible ammo is the right choice. 

fenix ammunition frangible ammo

You can purchase frangible ammo in various calibers, including 45 ACP, .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .300 Blackout. All the frangible ammo is manufactured in the USA and offers the best performance. 

#5 Processed Brass

You can purchase the best-quality processed brass from Fenix Ammunition to reload your ammunition. The processed brass undergoes a multi-stage process so it can be used in making industry-grade equipment. 

The experts of Fenix Ammunition thoroughly pressure-test the brass to eliminate any possibility of cracks and splits. 

The products you can purchase under this category include 9mm processed brass, .45 ACP processed brass, .40S&W processed brass, and .223/5.56 processed brass. 

#6 Body Armor

Fenix Ammunition also offers a wide range of body armor. If you are legally allowed to have firearms in the USA, you are also legal to own body armor. 

The full line of Spartan Armor System’s products includes soft fiber, AR500, AR550, UHMWPE, and ceramic composite armor ranging from Level IIIA to Level IV protection.

#7 Medical Supplies

Along with body armor, processed brass, and high-quality ammo, you can also purchase medical supplies from Fenix Ammunition. You can purchase medical kits (similar to Neofight Gear), supplies, and tourniquets from this company. 

All medical supplies are manufactured in the USA to ensure quality when you need them the most. Thus, purchase the best range of medical supplies from Fenix Ammunition, so you don’t put yourself at risk during firearms training. 

#8 Drip and Accessories

Fenix Ammunition also offers drip and accessories to take pride in your ammosexual life. With the branded gear, products, and shooting accessories, you can look cool and keep your ammo safe.

You also get a gift card that you can give to anyone for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. 


Do Fenix Ammunition sell to the general public?

Yes, Fenix Ammunition sells to the general public. All the orders can be placed from the website, in person at the facility, or at local gun shows. 

Is Fenix Ammunition reliable?

Fenix Ammunition is a reliable business that has been manufacturing and providing the best range of ammo for training, defense, and competition. 


Fenix Ammunition is a reliable business from which you can purchase the best-quality ammo for training, defense, and competition. You can also get accessories, medical kits, and processed brass. 

We hope you found this post informative.

If you have purchased accessories, ammo, processed brass, or anything else from Fenix Ammunition., please tell us in the comment about it. 

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