Polymer 80 10mm (Review & Guide)

If you know, you know” is a saying that comes to mind when discussing a Polymer 80 10mm handgun.

The Polymer 80 10mm or Glock 20 is often referred to as a hand canon.

polymer 80 10mm
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P80 PF45 10mm / .45 Frames

The black PF45 Large Frame 80% pistol frame by Polymer 80 is the perfect base for your next G20SF (10mm) / G21SF (.45) handgun build.

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The 10mm is the preferred self-defense firearm when it comes to fending off bears, wolves, or Thor himself.

The 10mm is a massive round making accuracy impractical but stop power is the name of the game here.

For decades the top-ranked sidearm for hunting or large predator self-defense has been the .44 magnum and higher.

Modern semi-auto pistols such as the .44 Desert Eagle or the .50 Desert Eagle are a bit too big and heavy to be a practical carry weapon.

Polymer 80 10mm aka Glock 20

The Glock 20 is Glock’s largest caliber handgun coming chambered stock in 10mm.

As most readers will know the Polymer 80 is an 80% frame and jig that you can purchase and “finish” to make your own Glock at home

p80 g20 10mm
Polymer 80 10mm in Silver/Black

The Glock 20’s versatility paired with the anonymity of the Polymer 80 frame make this an excellent choice for those living where large animals are present (mostly in the backcountry) The P80 10mm is also for people that do not want to have the government tracking their firearms purchases.

As the Polymer 80 is not required to be serialized, becoming ungovernable with a Polymer 80 frame is easier than ever.

Polymer 80 10mm / Glock 20 Specifications

Caliber: 10mm

Weight: 30.69 ounces (empty)

Grips: Polymer, modular backstrap

Sights: White-dot

Action: Semi-auto

Barrel: 4.61 inches

Overall Length: 8.07 inches

Finish: Polymer frame/Tenifer slide

Capacity: 15+1

MSRP: $650 (Updated 2022)

Polymer 80 10mm Parts Kit

Combining a P80 frame with a Glock slide is no more difficult than any other 80% build when it comes to the 10mm.

10 mm auto round
10mm Auto Round

What is Required

The requirements for building a Polymer 80 for large animal defense is fairly standard.

Slide / Barrel

If you have previously built a Polymer 80 you will be aware of all of the aftermarket slide options available online.

Not all slides are created equal when it comes to a Glock 20 build. Be sure to do your research on the Polymer 80 10mm on forums like Reddit and 3dgunbuilder.com.

OEM Glock 20 slides are always preferred but are often overpriced and not economical.

  • Glock 20 10mm Slide OEM or Aftermarket
  • Factory New 10mm Stainless 5.457″ Barrel for Glock 20(G20)

Upper Parts Kit

The upper parts kit is what allows you to complete your Glock 20 slide or P80 10mm upper gun build.

Again, going with OEM parts will reduce the problem surface when it comes to troubleshooting your completed 10mm build.

Upper parts kits for the G20 can be found across the internet with some of the best deals available on eBay.

  • 10MM Upper Slide Parts Kit For Glock 20 Gen 3

Polymer 80 Frame

When it comes to the P80 frame on a 10mm gun build you will want to purchase the following:

  • PF45 Full Size Glock 21/20 Compatible 80% Pistol Frame Kit

Lower Parts Kit

While there are cost-cutting aftermarket lower parts kits that include everything you need to complete your PF45 frame, we suggest sticking with OEM.

OEM Glock 20 lower parts kits will have fewer points of failure when it comes to getting your Polymer 80 building running both reliably and smoothly.

The Polymer 80 is compatible with Gen. 3 parts so you will need the following P80 LPK(lower parts kit):

  • GLOCK 21/20 Gen-3 SF Lower Parts Kit OEM Build 10mm

The Glock 20 lower parts kit includes the following parts to complete the lower assembly of your Polymer 80 10mm:

  • Flat & Curved Trigger Shoe
  • Trigger Safety
  • Trigger Bar
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger Housing
  • 9mm Ejector
  • Connector
  • Magazine Release
  • Magazine Release Spring

Polymer 80 10mm Review

Building a 10mm is both fun and practical if you are a more outdoorsy person.

They are great for defending yourself and others from coyotes, bears, wolves, and bobcats.

They are also excellent for carrying while hunting if you need to “finish off” an animal that is wounded.

concealed carry polymer 80 10mm
Concealed Carry of the P80 10mm aka G20

It is far more practical than carrying around a .357 “Dirty Harry Esque” revolver.

Like many Polymer 80 builds building the P80 10mm / Glock 20 does have its challenges.

Many builders suggest pairing the slide and barrel from the same manufacturer to prevent issues such as failure to ejector or failure to return to battery.

The failure to eject or FTE on the 10mm build is often, like its G19 little brother, due to an out-of-spec. ejector.

The most common way to fix this issue is to upgrade to an OEM G20 ejector or to apply a bit of sanding around the tip of the ejector to prevent the casing from getting “stuck.

Most 80% builders, however, report a smooth build process and like any P80 there is a 100 – 200 round break-in period.

Overall the Polymer 80 10mm is an extremely practical and fun build.

Whether you live in the Rocky Mountains or the Plaines of Africa, this P80 Glock 20 build is the perfect gun to prevent you from becoming bear or lion food.

Order up the frame, slide, barrel, and parts kits and start wielding the modern .44 magnum aka the P80 10mm today.

Polymer 80 10mm FAQ

Why is the Glock 20 so powerful?

The Polymer 80 Glock 20 build is so powerful due to being chambered in a very large caliber, 10mm.

What is a Glock 20 Good For?

The Glock 20 is the perfect companion for those that live in the backcountry, outdoorsman, and hunters.

The immense stopping power of the 10mm round the G20 shoots is ideal for large predators.

Is the Glock 20 10mm?

Yes, the Glock 20 is chambered in 10mm. When paired with a Polymer 80 frame the G20 is also chambered in 10mm.

Who designed the 10mm auto round?

The 10mm bullet was designed and manufactured by Swedish firearms and munitions company FFV Norma AB.

Have you built a Polymer 80 Full Size chambered in 10mm? How did your build go?

Let us know in the comments below!

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