Tools Needed to Build a Polymer 80

The process of building a Polymer 80 can be quite satisfying, giving a unique feeling of power and accomplishment but what about the required tools?

Unlike the popular opinion that finding the necessary tools and parts and assembling the gun on your own requires a master’s degree in engineering, the process is actually not that hard.

tools needed to build p80

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Required Tools for P80 Build

To build a P80 on your own, you’ll need several tools including:

  • Electric drill
  • Sandpaper (multiple grits)
  • Hand files
  • Hand drill
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Bench vise (optional)

You’ll have to build up on the firearm frame, adding and adjusting the parts as you go.

filing tools polymer 80
Hand files for P80 build

The parts you’ll use to build your customized firearm depend on the model, that is, the size of the gun. For instance, if you want to assemble a full-size Glock 17, you should get the PF940v2 kit.

The full P80 build kits contain:

How hard is it to build a Polymer80?

Not hard if you adhere to our P80 tool list!

If you follow the right direction and work carefully, it’s not so hard to build a P80. Of course, we suggest you spend some time analyzing the parts to get familiar with them and understand their function, as each part, even the smallest one, is important.

dremel tool polymer 80
Dremel tools are not required but helpful

Starting off your P80 build with the right tools can make all of the difference.

Here’s a simple guide where you’ll find instructions to build a P80 on your own. The tools needed to build P80 are simple ones, and you probably have them in your home. Moreover, some kits even come with assembling tools, depending on the state, local, and federal laws.

How to build P80

  1. Insert and secure the frame into the jig. Make sure the frame is fully locked.
  2. Secure the jig with the bench vise in an upright position. Don’t over-tighten the vise.
  3. Start removing the polymer from the larger front segment and the centermost section that runs between the two sides of the frame. Use a sanding drum attachment and a rounded file, respectively.
  4. Drill the holes found on the side of the frame. You should also drill and sand the barrel block.
  5. Begin the build process by installing the locking block and the slide to the frame.
  6. Install the magazine catch with needle-nose pliers.
  7. Build the trigger assembly and then fit it into the frame.
  8. Install the locking block by pushing it into the frame.
  9. Fit the slide.

It’s important to mention that your P80 kit will contain several tools needed to build P80, such as various drill bits for drilling trigger mechanism housing, trigger pin hole, etc. If the kit doesn’t include all the tools, you can buy them separately.

Yes, as of now the Polymer 80 is still legal to build.

tools required p80 build
The right tools make building P80s much easier

The ATF published the ATF Final Rule 2021R-05F in the Federal Register on April 26, 2022. 

These legal hoops are more related to companies manufacturing and selling Polymer 80’s not necessarily the consumers.

It’s crucial to note that some states have different laws than federal law, which is why you should consult with a professional.

Check out the latest legal rulings on our updates page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are P80s considered a Glock?

Polymer 80 has frames that are based on the Glock pistols Generation 3. 

This is why you should get lower and upper parts from Generation 3 if you’re planning to build a P80. In a way, the P80 is considered a Glock clone.

What type of ammo does a Polymer 80 use?

You’ll have no problem loading your P80 since it can use any type of ammunition.

The selection of your ammo is only dependent upon which slide you purchase (as long as its compatible with the P80 frame).


We reached the end of this article. Now you have an idea of how to assemble your own gun as well as the tools needed to build P80.

Whether you buy each part separately or purchase already-assembled parts and insert them into a frame, it’s important to be very careful and follow the laws. Read the regulations and consult with licensed manufacturers and gunsmiths to stay on the right side of the law.

drill hand p80
An electric drill is needed for Polymer 80 building

Do you have experience with building PMFs? If yes, we would like to hear more about your experience, especially about the tools you used during the process. Leave a comment down below, as your tool kit and experience may help someone build their own firearm.

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