How Much Is a P80 Glock Worth

Determining how much your Polymer 80(P80) Glock is worth is a mixed question.

On Average, a Polymer 80(P80) Glock build kit is worth $500 – $800 USD.

how much is p80 glock worth

A completed P80 Glock is worth less as it is used, going for $300 – $500.

polymer 80 value

Many factors include the quality and brand of certain P80 Glock parts.

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Can You Sell a Polymer 80

In short, yes, you can sell your Polymer 80 (read on as several strange regulations surround selling your completed P80 build).

p80 glock sale requirements

Sell a Polymer 80 Option 1:

The safest and most efficient way to sell your Polymer 80 is by breaking it down and selling it as parts.

You can sell everything but the completed Polymer 80 frame, which is the part that is regulated by the ATF and considered a firearm.

Sell a Polymer 80 Option 2:

If your local state and city allow private sales, you can sell the P80 to another person.

selling your p80 glock

NOTE: There is an “open to interpretation” law that makes it illegal to sell the 80% Glock if you intend to sell it when purchasing and building the firearm.

You will often need to serialize and register your Polymer 80 and in some municipalities, you will need to hold or utilize an FFL(Federal Firearms License) to facilitate the transfer.

The only Polymer 80 pistol that is sometimes worth more is the P80 G20 10mm version.

Selling P80 Glock Requirements

You can not simply complete an 80% Polymer 80 build and sell your homemade Glock to a friend or on the internet.

worth of polymer80 gucci glock

There are many legal and regulatory issues preventing you from doing this.

The following is required as a minimum but may differ depending on your state or city.

Selling a Polymer 80 Handgun Requirements:

  • Serialize your Polymer 80
  • Register your P80 Glock
  • You must not have intended to sell your P80 Glock when completing the build.
  • The state or city you reside in must allow the private sale of firearms.


Can you still buy a P80?

Yes, you can still buy a P80 Glock frame and build the handgun at home.

There are some new laws that have gone into effect necessitating the need to purchase the Polymer 80 jig separately and not sell full “buy. build. shoot.” kits online.

Why don’t criminals buy P80 Glock kits, so they aren’t traceable?

The short answer is that criminals generally do not purchase P80 Glock kits to avoid being traced.

Several factors include the fact that many law enforcement agencies trace firearm purchases, specifically pistol purchases, through serial numbers. The number of P80 Glock kits available on the market makes it relatively easy for buyers to find a kit without going through a lengthy process of tracking down an individual manufacturer or distributor.

This also avoids the need to serialize Polymer 80s as you can complete it yourself.

Can I sell a completed P80 in Florida?

Yes, Florida allows the private sale of firearms across the majority of the state.

You can sell your completed P80 Glock in Florida but make sure to double-check the latest laws and regulations as they are often changing.

Also, federally you cannot sell your P80 in Florida if you originally set out with the intention to sell the firearm.

Around how much to build a complete p80 g26?

On average, the price of building a complete Polymer 80 Glock 26 is anywhere from $400 – $800 USD as of 2022.


The worth of a P80 Glock is highly dependent on build quality, aftermarket brand selection, and general use.

Selling a P80 is often more trouble than it is worth when trying to follow the constantly changing rules and regulations both federally and locally.

As discussed, your best bet is to sell the parts that are not restricted by the ATF.

Have you ever sold a P80 Glock? How much was your Polymer 80 worth?

Let us know in the comments below!

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