Polymer 80 Magwell (7 Best)

Do you own a Polymer 80 pistol frame? If so, you may be interested in upgrading your frame with a Polymer 80 magwell.

Magwells make reloading much easier and faster and help guide the magazine into the frame. There are many different Polymer 80 magwells on the market, so it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you. 

polymer 80 magwell

P80 PF940C™ & PFC9™ EDC Magwell

This is an optional choice if you desire the benefits of a magwell but want to keep your everyday carry (EDC) pistol as compact as possible.

best polymer 80 magwells

It offers improved reload speed over a stock frame without the added bulk of a full-size magwell. It is designed for those who prefer IWB (Inside the Waistband) appendix carry and/or those with smaller hands.

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It comes with two magazine release catch extenders for those who desire even more positive magazine release activation.

The lip of the magwell aids in guiding the magazine into the frame during reloads, and the flared design of the magwell also aids in preventing misfeeds.

 Some of the best magwell for polymer80 include:

#1 Magwell Pick
P80 Magwell Upgraded – EDC Compact/G19

The Polymer 80 (P80) Magwell is upgraded and perfect for your everyday carry.

  • Magwell
  • Mounting Screw
  • Compatible with PF940C frame
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To install, remove the stock magazine release catch and replace it with the provided extended release catch. Then, attach the magwell to the frame using the provided screws.

 It is compatible with:

 • Polymer80 PF940C (G19/23)

 • Polymer80 PF45 (G21/20SF)

 • Polymer80 PFC40 (G22/35)

 It is not compatible with:

 • Polymer80 PF940v0/v0.92 (G17/22)

 • Polymer80 PF940v0.93 (G19/23)

 • Polymer80 PF940SC (G26/27)

P80 PF940V2™ & PFS9™ EDC Magwell

These are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and have been anodized to match your gun’s finish.

The magazine release button is also CNC machined from stainless steel and has a black oxide coating, and the kit includes all the necessary hardware for installation.

#1 Magwell Pick
P80 Magwell Upgraded – EDC Compact/G19

The Polymer 80 (P80) Magwell is upgraded and perfect for your everyday carry.

  • Magwell
  • Mounting Screw
  • Compatible with PF940C frame
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These magwells are designed to work with the Polymer80 PF940V™ and PFS15 frames. They will also work with other aftermarket frames that use the same mounting holes and magazine release buttons. 

However, they are incompatible with the stock Glock® magazine release or any aftermarket magazine release not designed for use with the Polymer80 PF940V™ or PFS15 frames.

To install this Magwell, remove the magazine release button from the frame. After that, fasten the magwell to the frame using the supplied hardware and reinstall the magazine release button after the magwell is in position.

The Tyrant Designs CNC Aluminum Glock® EDC Magwell

This is designed for use with Polymer80 PF940V/C and G17 frames. The magwell adds to the pistol’s ergonomics, making it much easier to perform reloads under stress, and is ideal for those looking for a more streamlined option for their weapon.

It is machined from 6061 aluminum, is finished with a Type III hard coat anodize, and features a beveled lip that aids in magazine insertion and is compatible with most aftermarket magazine release buttons.

It is available in black, red, blue, and grey. Installation is simple and does not require using any special tools; remove the factory magazine release and replace it with the included extended magazine release.

PF940v2 Magwell

This is designed for the Professional Series, 80% frames, and is compatible with the Polymer80 PF940C™, PF940SC™, PF940CL™, and PF940V™.

It gives your handgun more tactical capability by adding a bigger flared hole for simpler reloads and an enhanced grip.

PF940v2 Magwell
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Installation is simple using the supplied hardware. To install, first, remove the magazine release and set it aside.

Next, place the magwell over the frame so that the two Allen head screws face up. Place the mag release in its original location and reinstall the factory screws. 

Once installed, the magwell will provide an improved look to your pistol and give you an edge when performing speed reloads.

PF940c Magwell

This magwell is designed to work with the compact frame and is the most popular option for those looking for a little extra room to help with reloads.

It adds about .395″ to the length of the frame at the front end of the grip, which can be helpful for those with larger hands or those who want to use gloves while shooting.

 It is compatible with:

 • Glock 23 – 13 round

 • Glock 38 – 11 round

 • CZ P-09 – 18 round

 • Glock 32 – 13 round

 • Glock 19 – 15 round

 • CZ P-07 – 16 round

 However, it is not compatible with:

 • Glock 17 – 17 round

 • Glock 22 – 15 round

 • Glock 31 – 15 round

 • Glock 37 – 11 round

 • Sig P320 – 21 round

 • S&W M&P22 – 12 round

 • Taurus PT709 – 12 round

To install, first, remove the magazine release and set it aside. Next, use a punch tool or small nail to push out the pin that holds the trigger in place. Once the pin is removed, the trigger can be pulled out of the frame. With the trigger removed, you will now access the grip insert. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the grip insert by prying it up from the bottom of the frame.

Polymer 80 Flared Magwell

If you are running a Glock 26, 27, or 33 in your Polymer 80 build, this is the magwell for you

. It is perfect for those that want the added grip and functionality without the bulk, as it adds approximately .39″ to the length of your Polymer 80.

Polymer 80 Flared Magwell
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It also makes it easier to reload your weapon under stress. In a self-defense situation, you will operate on adrenaline, and your fine motor skills will be impaired, and as such, the flared magwell allows you to insert your magazine without having to look, feel for the opening, or slow down your reload.

It will give you the extra grip to quickly get your gun back on target. In a fast-paced contest, every millisecond counts, and the flared magwell can give you the edge you need to win.

The only downside is that it is not compatible with all holster designs. If you plan on carrying your Polymer 80 concealed, you will need to find a holster that accommodates the flared magwell.

The Steel City Arsenal Slim Magwell

This is specifically designed for use with Polymer80 PF940V/C frames. The magwell enhances your gun’s overall aesthetic and reload speed and efficiency.

It is machined out of aluminum and then anodized for durability, and it is an excellent choice for those looking to add a little extra flare to their firearm.

To install, remove the factory magazine release and slide the magwell into place. Once it is in place, replace the magazine release, and you’re good to go.

It is an excellent option for those looking to add a little style to their gun. The only downside is that it is not compatible with all Glock models. But if you have a Glock 17/22, 19/23, 26/27, or 34/35, this magwell is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Glock magwells fit Polymer 80?

No, Glock magwells will not fit a Polymer 80 frame as they are slightly different. However, magwells designed for the P80 will accept all standard Glock magazines.


Overall, Polymer 80 magwells are a great way to improve the look and feel of your firearm. They come in various colors and styles to match your personality and taste.

Magwells are also straightforward to install, so you can do it yourself in just a few minutes.

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