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vp22 bolt action pistol 3d printed

VP22 Welrod

VP22 Bolt Action Pistol Details From the developers of the mp22k, Gun Cad Ideas brings us the release of their latest design, the VP22. This unique pistol is a bolt action, magazine-fed, optionally suppressed firearm chambered in .22 caliber. Inspired by the British Welrod Mk 1 pistol, the VP22 is designed for point-blank or very […]

mp22k sd carbine


MP22(K/SD/Carbine) Details If the KF5’s MP5 parts kit was a bit too pricey for your tastes, don’t worry the boys at GCI have you covered with the newly released MP22(K/SD/Carbine). This MP5 variant includes all of the files needed in a variety of formats for the MP22K, MP22SD, and MP22 Carbine. If you are not […]

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