nwa hidden gala

NWA Hidden Gala

NWA Hidden Gala Details The NWA Hidden Gala is a modular weapon system with a sci-fi aesthetic. This 3D printed firearm was created by RICECUTTA (designer of the FSP 17) and dubbed the “Nori Weapon Add-On” (NWA). The NWA is a mix-and-match component build. It is a customizable multi-caliber firearm. In RICECUTTA’s own words, the […]

fsp 17 3d glock

FSP 17

FSP 17 Details The RFRD FSP 17 or Field Scramble Pistol is a 3D printed modular Glock compatible frame designed by RICECUTTA. The FSP 17 which is loosely based on the 80% arms GST-9 (don’t mention that to loudly or they will be salty and hit you with a DMCA). The FSP 17 is compatible […]

komodaru flash can

Komodaru Flash Can

Komodaru Flash Can Details The Komodaru flash can is a 3D printed muzzle device designed by 3D gun developer and Japan aficionado RICECUTTA. The big stand out with the Komodaru is its absolutely gorgeous aesthetic and factory durability. 2023 has been the year of the muzzle device with many recent releases including the Burnt Bacon […]

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