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Best Lower Parts Kits (Gen. 3 Glock & Polymer 80 Tested)

We tested the Gen. 3 Glock & P80 lower parts kits to find our #1 pick

So, you just finished your new 80% frame or custom Glock and now you need to find a lower parts kit that does one thing…works!

There are a ton of options when it comes to lower parts kits (commonly referred to as LPKs) that are compatible with Gen. 3 Glocks, Polymer 80s, and Geisler Defence 80% frames.

best gen 3 glock p80 lower parts kit

What are our criteria for choosing the best lower parts kit?

  • Ease of installation
  • Reliability and failure resistance
  • Pricing
  • Brand Trust

What we will cover in this guide:

Lower Parts Kits We Tested for Glock & Polymer 80

Having built, customized, and fired 1000s of Glocks, 80%s, and 3D printed “Glock” style pistols we have learned a thing or two about lower parts kits that work, and some that don’t.

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#1 Pick

Glock OEM Lower Parts Kit


An OEM lower parts kit straight from the factory in Austria, as god intended.

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Ease of installation

The Glock OEM lower parts kit should fit like a glove. If you bought OEM and it is not fitting well you need to look at your printing or frame finishing work.

Reliability and Failure Resistance

OEM Glocks are used by law enforcement, the military, and other security personnel around the world. That reason…reliability.


The only place the OEM lower parts kit gets dinged is on price. These are not cheap for the reasons above.

Brand Trust

This is the BRAND.

Runner Up

Husky Armory 80% Lower Parts Kit


Husky Armory's aftermarket Glock and Polymer 80 compatible lower parts kit has worked perfectly in almost 50+ of our 80% test builds.

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Ease of installation

Everything installs well and is consistent with Husky Armory’s lower parts kits. The front locking block pins can have a tighter tolerance on occasion but that would be nitpicking when it comes to non-oem aftermarket Glock parts.

Reliability and failure resistance

This lower parts kit shines in the reliability department. We have put several 10s of thousands of rounds through our Polymer 80 builds using this parts kit and they DO NOT FAIL.


Husky Armory’s LPK has the perfect balance between “near” OEM installation, reliability, and pricing that is pretty fair (around $45).

Brand Trust

Husky Armory while new in the game but packs a lot of punch in customer support responsiveness via email, live chat, and phone. Keep your eyes on these guys in the future they seem to be growing in popularity over the past year.

Lone Wolf Lower Parts Kits


Lone Wolf provides a solid budget option for lower parts kits that is backed by solid customer service & fast ship times.

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Ease of installation

These install great on Polymer 80s and Geisler Defence but have had some trigger housing fitment issues on the GST-9 frames.

Reliability and failure resistance

They hold up well, we personally like to upgrade the ejector and trigger pull spring but that is a personal preference.


Cheap! Lone Wolf makes lower parts kits for a ton of online and in-store firearms parts retailers. They are widely available at around $35 – $45.

Brand Trust

While not necessarily a premium brand Lone Wolf Dist. is well known and backs their own products.

Zaffiri Precision


Zaffiri Perison does not F around when it comes to quality and consistency. This is reflected in their solid (if not a bit pricey) lower parts kit.

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Ease of installation

Zaffiri Precision’s Gen. 3 lower parts kit goes in close to OEM options. These guys are known for their premium and well-machined tolerances making fitment a non-issue.

Reliability and failure resistance

It’s Zaffiri, we have never heard of a single problem when it comes to failures regarding their manufactured lower parts.


This is where Zafiri gets you. Their lower parts kits come in close to $90 and at that price point, you may consider spending a few extra bucks to go Glock OEM.

Brand Trust

A solid reputation that is trusted by those who modify Glocks or build 80% pistols.

JSD Supply


JSD supply is well known in the 80% building space. They have been providing solid lower parts kits for Polymer 80 and 3D gun builds for years.

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Ease of installation

Great! JSD Supply is another company that has taken the 3D gun building and Polymer 80 industry by storm. They are a respected proprietor of affordable build kits.

Reliability and failure resistance

Reliable and failure resistance hold true for these lower parts kits. We have done a few builds using their Glock 19 Judah build kit (including the LPK) and they have all head up over several thousand rounds at the range.


Averaging out to about $50 makes this LPK a great deal for anyone looking to save a few bucks but wants their gun to run when they need it.

Brand Trust

SOLID. JSD Supply IS a part of the gun-building community and shows its support by showing up to events, and competitions.



Brownells is a household brand and not a ton needs to be said. Boutique? No. Reliable when you need them? Yup.

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Ease of installation

Not totally consistent but Brownells lower parts kits go in with a little elbow grease (needed from time to time).

Reliability and failure resistance

They are a fairly standard aftermarket (budget) LPK. They work if the tolerances are machined correctly the first time.


Dirt cheap. You can pick up a Gen. 3 LPK for your P80 or Glock for around $29 at

Brand Trust

Brownells is a bit like the Amazon of firearms. They have everything at decent prices and consistent availability. Their products just aren’t necessarily the highest quality (brand dependent).

MDX Arms

Dirt cheap. In our opinion, you get what you pay for. Skip this one.

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Ease of installation

Lots of hammering, forcing, and swearing was at least our personal experience installing MDX Arms lower parts kits. These were a pain in the a**.

Reliability and failure resistance

MDX LPKs hold up fairly well but most parts kits do when installed correctly and working. The keyword here is working.


MDX Gen. 3 lower parts kits are priced at about $50. For the money these kits are not worth it (in our opinion).

Brand Trust

They have been a big name in the 80% P80 building community but over the last few years, the love for MDX has been trending downwards.

What Makes a Glock Lower Parts Kit “Good”

A good Glock lower parts kit is one that is reliable, durable, and provides a smooth and consistent trigger pull. 

gen 3 glock lower parts kit diagram

The quality of the materials used in the kit is also important, as well as the fit and finish of the parts. The term “quality” here is really what dictates a reliable, durable, and smooth trigger reset on Glock or Polymer 80 frames.

A good lower parts kit (LPK) should include all the necessary parts for a complete lower assembly and should be compatible with the specific Glock model being used. 

Additionally, a good kit should be reasonably priced and come from a reputable manufacturer with a proven track record of producing high-quality Glock parts. 

Ultimately, a good Glock lower parts kit should provide the user with a reliable and consistent shooting experience.

Anatomy of a Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

Gen. 3 Glock and P80 parts kits are fairly simple when you pull everything apart and take a look under the hood.

anatomy glock gen 3 parts

A standard Glock or P80 lower parts kit includes the following machined components:

  • Flat Trigger Shoe
  • Curved Trigger Shoe
  • Trigger Safety
  • Trigger Bar P80 Compact
  • G19 Magazine Release
  • Magazine Release Spring
  • Slide Lock Lever
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger Housing
  • 9mm Ejector
  • Compact Connector
  • Compact Slide Lock Spring
  • Polymer 80 Compact Slide Lock Spring
  • Subcompact Slide Lock Spring (coil spring type)
  • Slide Catch Lever
  • Trigger Pin
  • Compact Locking Block Pin

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing a good Glock lower parts kit, there are several factors to consider, including ease of installation, reliability, pricing, and brand trust.

The Glock OEM Lower Parts Kit is the top pick due to its excellent fit and reliability, although it is more expensive than other options.

The Husky Armory 80% Lower Parts Kit is also a great choice, offering a balance between OEM installation, reliability, and pricing.

Other options include Lone Wolf, Zaffiri Precision, JSD Supply, and Brownells, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, a good Glock lower parts kit should provide a reliable and consistent shooting experience, with all necessary components included and compatible with the specific Glock model being used.

What is your favorite Glock or Polymer 80 lower parts kit supplier?

Let us know in the comments down below!

Written By

Cody Y.


Cody is a staff writer for 3D Gun Builder.

Cody brings years of experience in firearms, 80% builds, 3D printing, and internet security.

He owns six 3D printers and enjoys spreading his knowledge of modern day gun smithing around the world.

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