Concealed Carry Backpacks (6 Best)

Many people find it unsettling to see someone carrying a firearm around town, even 3D-printed ones. But that does not mean you should stop carrying a gun to defend yourself when you are out and about.

After all, you never know where danger lurks and should never put your life in danger.

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The average gun owner frequently uses slings and holsters to transport their weapons. In reality, these accessories make it simpler to draw your firearm if necessary. But if you do not want to cause panic among the public, the next best thing is a concealed carry backpack. 

Concealed carry backpacks are an excellent solution for every responsible gun owner. You get to exercise your right to carry without any issues. 

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With that in mind, let’s see the best concealed carry backpacks available!

6 of the Best Concealed Carry Backpacks

Concealed Carry Backpacks

As 3D printing is finding more uses in all areas and industries, so did it find itself useful in successfully printing firearms. 

Despite the initial safety concerns regarding the reliability of 3D-printed firearms, the technology has come a long way since the first 3D gun, “The Liberator,” was fired. 

Today 3D-printed firearms are much more sophisticated and thoroughly tested. This guide provides thorough step-by-step instructions on safe 3D printing of firearms. You can learn how to build firearms like a Glock 19, or even guides on firearm safeties.

Once you find the guide and build your preferred firearm, you should consider how to carry it in public. We recommend getting a concealed carry backpack, which is excellent and specifically made for firearms.

Best Concealed Carry Backpacks: Overview


Vertx Transit 2.0 Sling Pack


The Vertx Transit Sling 2.0 Backpack is excellent for your on-the-go needs.

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02/27/2024 11:55 am GMT

Vertx uses nylon to make the backpack, and it weighs 2.7 lb, with a capacity of 3.43 gallons (13 L). 

The Vertx Transit Sling bag is spacious enough to meet all your CCW and EDC needs. The backpack’s comfortable shoulder and waist straps can also manage loads, including laptops, hydration systems, and more.


  • The backpack has a 3D molded foam back panel and laptop inserts. The internal pockets are made with abrasion-resistant mesh.
  • There are YKK self-repairing coil zippers. 
  • The interior of the backpack is light-colored for better visibility. 
  • The backpack has snaps on the front flap zipper pulls to prevent accidental opening. 
  • Hydration bladder compatible. 
  • For easy load and access to the gear, the front compartment is made to open wide. 
  • There is a padded attach-style side carry handle.
Runner Up

Maxpedition TT26 Backpack


The company's Maxpedition TT26 Backpack, described as EDC meets bushcraft, is ideal for modern outdoor people. 

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02/27/2024 12:10 pm GMT

The firm behind the Maxpedition TT26 Backpack has been around since 2003, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Maxpedition, during its existence, managed to optimize the design of American military-grade MOLLE gear. 


  • The backpack has two purpose-built entry points into the main compartment and all rain-flapped exterior zippers.
  • There is an internal laptop sleeve and dual-side access CCW compartment in the TT26. 
  • It has a spacious main compartment with a padded bottom and two-way access (top and front). 
  • The TT26 backpack has dual side pockets with adjustable bungee cord retention.
  • The padded shoulder strap has quick-release buckles, adjustable & removable sternum straps, and a removable 1.0″ hip belt with a side-release buckle.

Smokescreen CCW Slingpack


The Smokescreen CCW Slingpack looks and feels like any regular backpack, yet its hidden compartment perfectly conceals any firearm. 

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The Smokescreen CCW Slingpack looks and feels like any regular backpack, yet its hidden compartment perfectly conceals any firearm. 

The Smokescreen CCW backpack is perfect for carrying all your daily essentials and your gun without anyone noticing. 

The backpack’s design allows for an ambidextrous and fast draw in a natural motion. With the backpack’s single strap, you can easily rotate it to your front to access the handgun compartment. 


  • The backpack is made with a lightweight and durable 900D poly fabric. 
  • Pass-through gun holster compartment allowing for an ambidextrous draw. 
  • It has dual vertical pockets on the front and a spacious main compartment. 
  • The backpack’s molded back panel with embossing provides ventilation between the pack and carrier. 
  • The gun holster compartment on the backpack fits up to full-size autos.

Maxpedition Prepared Citizen Classic v2.0

$75.51 $65.35

The backpack is designed to look like any generic backpack while being purpose-built for concealed carry and ballistic protection. 

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02/27/2024 11:30 am GMT

The Prepared Citizen Classic is another design from Maxpedition. Due to its design, the backpack fits seamlessly in any environment.

The backpack’s rearmost hidden compartment can fit CCW, tablets, securing important documents, etc. 


  • Prepared Citizen Classic v2.0 has an overall capacity of 1364 cubic inch / 5.81 gallons (22L).
  • The backpack has a dual-side accessible, fully looped, lined concealed carry compartment.
  • It is made from Teflon-coated 1,000D nylon fabric, YKK zippers, and Duraflex buckles.
  • Prepared Citizen Classic v2.0 backpack has hook & loop wings to manage shoulder strap webbing slack.
  • It has backpack strap connections to pack improved for strength.

5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 Tactical EDC Backpack


The 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 backpack offers the versatility of a tactical pack that blends in perfectly with the environment. 

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02/27/2024 11:35 am GMT

With its sleek and modern design, no one will be able to tell the difference between the 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 and a generic backpack. 

It is the perfect concealed carry backpack for individuals who are always prepared for whatever the day brings.


  • The 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 has a front pocket with a removable ID panel, slip pockets, MOLLE, and loop.
  • There are dual-side water bottle pockets on the backpack. 
  • The backpack has internal zippered mesh pockets in the main compartment.
  • There is also a dual-access CCW compartment with an internal loop panel.
  • 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 backpack’s total capacity is 19”H x 10.5”L x 6.5”D | 1953 cubic inch / 8.45 gallons (32-liter).

SBR Rifle Backpack | Discreet Rifle Case Backpack


The STEALTH SBR backpack is a covert rifle backpack with a modern and discreet design featuring a robust tactical interior.

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The backpack’s panel has hook, loop, and PALS webbing to add pouches. 

STEALTH SBR is comfortable to carry thanks to its s-shaped backpack straps with a sternum strap. The compartment of the backpack is lined with a loop for full customization. 


  • The STEALTH SBR backpack’s dimensions are 20″ x 12″ x 7.5″, weighing 2.9 lbs.
  • The backpack’s inside is made with 500D nylon providing durability.
  • There is a zipper for the ballistic panel. 
  • The backpack has padded sides and a bottom to protect your firearm.
  • Also, there is a tie-down system to secure your weapon. 

Concealed Carry Backpack Verdict

These are some of the best choices on the market for the best concealed carry backpacks. With one of these backpacks, you can carry your firearm wherever you go during the day, giving you peace of mind. 

Have you tried out one of these CCW backpacks? Please drop us a comment below and tell us what you think! 

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