CZAR 3D v3 Vz61 Receiver

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CZAR 3D v3 Vz61 Receiver STL Files

CZAR 3D Printable Vz61 Receiver

CZAR 3D Vz61 Receiver Details

The original CZAR 3D Vz61, aka Skorpion, was designed and developed initially by FMDA.

The prolific 3D gun developer, Ivan the Troll, decided to make some tweaks and reinforcements and released the version 3 CZAR 3D Vz61 receiver in late 2020.

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This 3D-printed version of the Skorpion makes an excellent sidearm or spray-and-pray weapon when on the go in a vehicle or at the range.

CZAR 3D Vz61 Receiver in the Wild



CZAR Vz61 Skorpion Overview

CZAR v3 3D Vz61 Receiver Tech Specs

This CZAR 3D Vz61 has the exact technical specifications as the original Skorpizan Vz61.

The Skorpion vz61 is a Czech submachine gun. Miroslav Rybar developed the original Skorpion in the 1920s.

The CZAR has been used by security teams and even the Czechoslovak Army to serve as a personal sidearm for vehicle drivers, lower-ranking army personnel, and special forces.

The Skorpion CZAR Vz61 is still in use by some countries today.

Required Parts for the CZAR 3D Vz61 Receiver

1 x AR15 Grip Module

1 x 5mm or 3/16” Bolt, 1.5” Long

1 x AR15 Fire Control Group

1 x CZAR Vz61 Parts Kit

Tools Required

You will need a standard toolset with the usual firearm-focused tools to complete the CZAR 3D Vz61 lower receiver:

  • 3mm, 4mm, 9mm, 5/32”, and a 3/8” drill bits
  • Hand Drill
  • 1/4″ -2″ Tap and Wrench for the grip installation
  • 2/8″ and 1/16″ Punches
  • Hammer

Suggested 3D Print Settings

Cura or Prusa, 3D gun defaults, will work for a great finished product when printing the CZAR 3D Vz61

Slicer Settings

The suggested 3D printer settings are found to work for the CZAR 3D Vz61, and many other 3D printed lower receivers:

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Temp: 230/60

Infill: 100%

Supports: On/full (tree supports are ok)

Cooling fan: 15% normal, 50% on bridges. Off for the first ten layers.

Bed Adhesion: gluestick or hairspray or both


This CZAR Vz61 receiver has been tested to work well in eSun PLA+. Also, this receiver should work just fine with any material similar to or superior to PLA+.


If you are looking for a miniature bad boy, aka Skorpian, the 3D-printed CZAR Vz61 is for you.

This little gun is iconic across global conflicts and even seen in many of the latest first-person shooter video games.

Need some help getting started? Check out our how to 3D print a gun: 101 guide or are 3D gun printer beginners kit.

Have you printed yourself a Skorpion?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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