homebuild history shuty series

Homebuild History – The Shuty Series

Welcome to Homebuild History, the part of 3D Gun Builder’s website where we focus on the history of some of the most iconic homebuilt firearms, their contri butions to the world, and most importantly, how YOU AT HOME can get your hands on these classic arms and armaments! What’s the Story? This week, we’ll be […]

fgc9 glock 19 barrel adapter

FGC9 G19 Barrel Adapter

FGC9 G19 Barrel Adapter Details So you bought your FGC-parts kit and it showed up on your doorstep. Your print came out clean, parts are all going in perfect. Dam***, the Glock 19 barrel doesn’t fit? Son of a… Don’t worry we got you fam. We found you a 3D print file that will pump […]

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