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Are We Cool Yet? (AWCY)

are we cool yet awcy

Are We Cool Yet? (AWCY)

Illegal shapes? forbidden numbers? Art is not made to be contained.


Who is Are We Cool Yet? (AWCY)

Are We Cool Yet? (AWCY?) is a 3D gun development group that has gained notoriety for their innovative and controversial designs.

The group is made up of a loose collective of designers and engineers who are interested in exploring the boundaries of 3D printing technology and firearm design.

AWCY?’s designs are often hybrid, utilizing a combination of 3D printed and factory-made parts to create unique firearms that are both functional and aesthetically striking.

While the group has faced criticism for their work, they remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of 3D printed firearms.

3D Gun Designs

burnt bacon flash can 3d print

Burnt Bacon

Burnt Bacon Muzzle Device Details The Burnt Bacon is a flash can designed to redirect the gas and noise from

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3d printed awcy p90


3DP90 Receiver Details After long and anticipated “beta” testing the 3D printed P90, also known as the 3DP90 has been

Details »
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