Best AK Cleaning Kits

We have searched the internet and found the best AK cleaning kits available.

Even though an AK-type firearm is one of the few creations built to last, you still have to clean and maintain it. A rusty and neglected AK rifle can harm you and the people around you. 

best ak cleaning kit

Many gun owners like their guns to be clean and fresh when they become a part of the collection. After all, an old saying goes, “Take care of your weapons, and they will take care of you!”. 

ak cleaning parts breakdown

In the scrubbing process, the cleaning kits play a fundamental role. The market overflows with tools and polishing kits, so finding one suitable for your firearm is easier said than done.

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To save you the trouble, I did the research for you and provided you with a list of the best AK cleaning kits on the market. 

Best AK Cleaning Kits

One of the necessary parts of being a gun owner is the process of cleaning. Simply put, a properly cleaned and maintained firearm works better and is much more reliable.

Plus, it can maintain its accuracy with precision rifles and will last you longer as an investment. 

Cleaning a weapon requires proper equipment, such as solvents, brushes, oils, etc. The best scenario would be to purchase an already organized cleaning kit that will make your AK spotless. 

disassembled ak47

After a lot of research, I found five cleaning kits on the market that are truthfully advertised and offer true value for money. The best AK cleaning kits are: 

  1. Allen Company Ultimate universal weapon gun cleaning kit
  2. GuardTech Plus Universal gun cleaning kit
  3. SPIKA Compact shotgun cleaning kit
  4. GLORYFIRE Universal cleaning kit
  5. Otis Technology All caliber elite range box with a universal gun cleaning kit 

Best AK Cleaning Kits: Reviews

The universal gun cleaning kit is the most popular type of complete cleaning kit. These kits allow you to properly polish every weapon in your house, whether that is your AK, AR15, Glock, etc. 

You have no limitations; once you start the journey, you can make polishing the firearms a weekend project. 

As you have probably noticed, all of my choices are universal cleaning kits that can make your shotguns, handguns, and rifles spotless. They have room for expansion and allow you to add particular components.

Plus, purchasing a simple and dedicated cleaning kit is always super handy. Now that you know my choices of the best AK cleaning kits, let’s dive straight into the reviews. 

Allen Company Ultimate universal weapon gun cleaning kit

The case contains 14 bronze bore brushes, perfect for people on a budget. The Allen Company toolbox may be smaller than other kits, but its low price and good-quality components make up for it.

Allen Company Universal AK Cleaning Kit
$99.99 $50.58

This cleaning kit offers great value and provides 65 different weapon cleaning tools for all types of calibers. It resembles a toolbox and is very easy to use and organize. 

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03/08/2024 11:25 am GMT

To make this gun cleaning kit universal and polish every weapon in your arsenal, you must acquire a good gun solvent and gun oil. 

GuardTech Plus Universal gun cleaning kit

This kit includes adapters, utility brushes, patches, jags, cleaning picks, and a bore rope cleaning.

GuardTech Plus Universal Gun Cleaning Kit for AK

My first choice is the comprehensive gun cleaning tools by GuardTech Universal.

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03/07/2024 09:10 pm GMT

The kit weighs about 3 pounds, has 130 pieces, and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

The GuardTech Universal is a great piece of equipment that can keep your weapons clean and well-maintained.

You can use the cleaning tools for your AK, handguns, rifles, and shotguns and successfully remove all the dirt and gunk built up over time. 

The product comes with an organized case and bore snake. 

SPIKA Compact shotgun cleaning kit

The box is very compact and super portable, which makes cleaning your weapons in the field easier than ever.

SPIKA Compact AK Cleaning Kit

Although this cleaning kit has a shotgun in its name, it can easily clean any type of rifle, including an AK.

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03/08/2024 11:40 am GMT

The case is made from hard and durable plastic and contains a Bronze, Spring, and Utility brush. The rod and barrel mop are essential cleaning tools that can be found in the SPIKA Cleaning Kit.

A great idea would be to place the case in the trunk of your vehicle so that you are always prepared. 

GLORYFIRE Universal cleaning kit

In addition, the equipment is very easy to organize and store. It contains 14 bronze wire brushes and multiple patches. 

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Hunting Handgun AK Rifle

The all-around cleaning kit from GLORYFIRE will make you feel like you are a part of the military with its hard clamshell-style case.

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GLORYFIRE Universal cleaning kit is another affordable choice that will take care of your weapons even if you are on a budget.

Whether you need something regularly or are just a seasonal hunter who likes to visit the cabin over weekends, the GLORYFIRE cleaning equipment is a perfect choice.

Remember that to make your AK spotless, you will need some extra oils, rags, and solvents. 

Otis Technology All caliber elite range box with a universal gun cleaning kit

The All Caliber Box is specifically designed to support your gun while cleaning.

Otis Technology All Caliber Elite Range Box with Universal Gun Cleaning Gear

Last but not least, the Elite Range box from Otis Technology provides a lot of premium-quality cleaning supplies.

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03/08/2024 12:00 pm GMT

The case contains 16 bronze bore brushes, 4 bore snakes, oils, lubes, and patches. I don’t think there is such a perfect cleaning box.

Otis Technology All Caliber is as good as it gets. The pre-made kit is universally made for everyone’s needs and styles. Plus, it offers 4 firearm-specific ripcords. 


Now that you are familiar with my choices for the best AK cleaning kits, you can decide based on your preferences.

short ak cleaning tear down

If you still have trouble picking one up, whether that is for cleaning your AK, handgun, or another firearm, you can always create a cleaning case yourself and pick your own favorite cleaning tools.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have found a cleaning kit for your AK that kicks a**!

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