fedex bans ghost guns 1

FedEx Bans Shipping Ghost Guns

FedEx bans shipping “ghost guns” in a statement as of August 17th, 2022 saying they will no longer allow the shipment of serialized frames or lower receivers. Vice News reporter Keegan Hamilton posted a statement from FedEx on Twitter: “FedEx is updating its Service Guide to make it clear that unserialized frames and receivers or […]

polymer 80 colors 1

Polymer 80 Colors & Rit Dye | Guide

The Polymer 80 frame is available in a handful of colors, making it easy to find the perfect color for your build. Regardless if you are building the Polymer 80 Subcompact(Glock 26), Compact(Glock 19), or Full Size(Glock, 17), there will be colors perfect for you! This article looks at all available colorable and some of […]

sphynx 92 beretta 3d2

Sphynx Beretta 92

Sphynx 3D Printed Beretta 92 Details The Sphynx is a 3D printed version of the Beretta 92/92FS. The Sphynx allows you to print this Italian favorite Beretta 92 on your 3D printer at home. This Italian and US military favorite has long been seen as impossible to build a 3d printed design that can hold […]

3011 printed 3d

3011 Pistol Colt 1911

3011 3D Printed 1911 Details The 3011 is a 3D printed version of the Colt 1911 pistol. The 3011 brings a World War 2 standard issue pistol into the modern era. Some consider the 3011 an abomination while others think it is beautiful. Wherever you stand the 3011 3D printed 1911 is bad a**. 3011 […]

wooly bully g3 taurus

Wooly Bully Taurus

Wooly Bully Taurus Details The Wooly Bully is the 3D printed lower frame for the Taurus G3 pistol. The Taurus G3 is an excellent development for 3D printer enthusiasiats. The Taurus parts kits are extremely cost effective and affordable. You can even purchase a fully built and working Taurus G3 or Taurus G3c to convert […]

saber tooth mac 9 1 scaled2

Saber Tooth Mac-9

Saber Tooth Mac-9 Details The Saber Tooth Mac-9 is one of the new iterations of the 3D printable Mac-9. The original build referred to as the Mac Daddy has been around for a while but this print has been taken to the next level. The Saber Tool Mac-9 has an integrated Picatinny optics rail along […]

Plastikov v3

Plastikov v3 Details The Plastikov v3 is the third iteration of the Plastikov AKM/RPK/AK100 receiver that can be 3d printed right from your home. The Plastikov is designed to be printed and then assembled with purchased AK components that you can purchase online or at your local gun store. Plastikov v3 in the Wild Photos […]

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