paragon 9 mm


ET’s Gonna Wish He Stayed Home Everyone knows you can download a gun for just about any scenario on Earth, but what about off-world threats? Worry not, Space Cowboy, the Paragon-9 is the perfect choice for those long trips through the inky void. Passed down to us by Iprintshit, courtesy of his intergalactic benefactors, this […]

3d printed rpg fe

RPG-SK-75 Firework Edition

Because Lighting Fireworks the Normal Way is Boring Who knew anti-tank launchers could be so much fun at parties? The RPG-SK-75-FE is probably the most impressive and most American way to celebrate any special occasion, bar none. This shoulder-fired firework launcher is brought to us by Iprintshit and Nofsky Industries, names that carry significant weight […]

glockonofsky 3d double glock

The Glocknofsky

100% More Bullet Per Bullet. No need to get your eyes checked, you’re supposed to be seeing double with this one. The Glocknofsky is at the top of the “Crazy GunCAD Projects” list for sure, guaranteed to deliver twice as much fun (at twice the cost, unfortunately) compared to the leading Glock release. This is […]

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