3d printed big mac 10

Big Mac 10

Big Mac 10 Details The Big Mac is a 3D printed Mac 10 frame that uses grease gun magazines. This frame was designed by UberClay with inspiration from William Jackson’s original seed frame. There are 3 versions of the Big Mac 10: Big Mac 10 in the Wild Photos Videos Big Mac 10 Tech Specs […]

ok zoomer sr45 3d print

OK Zoomer SR45

OK Zoomer Details As of today you can print the new OK Zoomer 3D printable Ruger SR45. As 2023 is wrapping up, 3D gun developers are pushing out their latest projects before the year ends. We are still waiting for Freeman1337 anticipated OK Boomer, 1911 frame. Coming soon, fingers crossed. The 3D printed Ruger designed […]

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