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3d printed big mac 10

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3D printed Mac 10

Big Mac 10 Details

The Big Mac is a 3D printed Mac 10 frame that uses grease gun magazines.

This frame was designed by UberClay with inspiration from William Jackson’s original seed frame.

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There are 3 versions of the Big Mac 10:

  • Traditional frame
  • Slick side frame
  • Slick side frame with the ‘Come and Take It’ graphic

Big Mac 10 in the Wild



Big Mac 10 Tech Specs

The Military Armament Corporation Model 10, also known as the MAC-10, is a compact machine pistol/submachine gun developed by Gordon B. Ingram in 1964.

The Big Mac 10 can be chambered in either .45 ACP or 9mm.

To get started building the Big Mac 10 you will only need to print the frame, purchase a Mac 10 or equivalent parts kit, and get your hands on a M3 grease gun magazine.

Required Parts for the Big Mac 10


  • 3D Printer
  • Filament
  • Mac 10 Upper Receiver and Bolt
  • Mac 10 Lower Parts Kit
  • M3 Grease Gun Magazine


  • Mallet or Armors Hammer
  • Punches

Big Mac 10 Build Instructions

If you want to go around blasting like a character in scarface and channel your inner 1980s Miami aesthetic, the Big Mac 10 is for you!

Get to printing 🙂

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