nitride vs stainless steel barrel

Nitride vs Stainless Steel Barrels

Let’s kick off one of the more debated and nuanced topics in the gun industry. Nitride vs Stainless Steel barrels. When it comes to choosing a barrel for an AR-15 or any other firearm, the decision often comes down to nitride or stainless steel barrels. Both types offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, depending on the […]

tpu gun 3d printing

TPU & 3D Printed Guns (Guide)

TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which is a type of flexible filament used for many manufactured applications.  TPU is even used in the 3D printed guns and other printable objects. TPU is a popular material for 3D printing because of its flexibility, durability, and resistance to abrasion, impacts, oils, and chemicals. It is commonly used […]

best concealed carry clothing

Concealed Carry Clothing (Jackets, Shirts, Pants, and More)

Concealed carry clothing is a type of clothing that is specifically designed to help individuals carry firearms comfortably and discreetly.  The popularity of such clothing has grown significantly in recent years as more people are becoming interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones in case of an emergency.  This type of clothing is available […]

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