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best concealed carry insurance

Best Concealed Carry Insurance

While it’s a personal choice whether or not to carry a firearm, it’s essential to understand the potential legal and financial consequences of using it in self-defense. Most people believe that their homeowner’s insurance plans always cover accidents involving their guns. However, this is not always the case. For this reason, it is recommended that […]

concealed carry backpacks edc best 1

Concealed Carry Backpacks (6 Best)

Many people find it unsettling to see someone carrying a firearm around town, even 3D-printed ones. But that does not mean you should stop carrying a gun to defend yourself when you are out and about. After all, you never know where danger lurks and should never put your life in danger. The average gun […]

glock weight 17 19 26 43 34

How Much Does a Glock Weigh (17, 19, 26, 43, 34)

Glocks are some of the most popular weapons in the world. They are known for their simplicity, endurance, and reliability. One of the critical attributes of any handgun is its weight. In the article, we will be exploring the most popular models and their weight. We’ll also look into what are the biggest contributing factors […]

ar15 trigger fire control group fcg

AR15 Trigger & Fire Control Group (FCG)

The AR-15 is probably the most popular rifle, having been utilized for self-defense, military use, and hunting. Many companies produce their unique version of the AR-15. It is very versatile and compatible with a wide range of parts. One of the upgradable parts of the rifle is the AR15 trigger. It is the part that […]

how to fix ar15 stock

How to Fix a Collapsible AR15 Stock

If you own an AR-15, you know how important the collapsible stock is for adjusting the length to increase shooting accuracy and comfort. However, collapsible stocks can sometimes develop issues, such as rattle and shake, or even detachment from the buffer tube. These issues can be frustrating and potentially dangerous, so it’s important to get […]

glock back plates size remove custom

Glock Back Plate (Size, Removing, and Customization)

Are all Glock back plates the same size? Almost, the vast majority of Glock back plates are the same size except for a few single-stack (slim) models. Glock back plates are made out of a single piece of machined hard coated anodized black T6 aluminum. Is removing or customizing your Glock back plate hard? They […]

carrying ghost gun self defense

Ghost Guns for Self Defense (Carrying Guide)

Can you use a ghost gun for self defense? Yes, you can absolutely use and, if permitted, carry a ghost gun for self defense purposes. The real question, however, is whether should you carry a ghost gun for defending your life. First let’s quickly address the question, “what is a ghost gun?” For those uninitiated, […]

best online concealed carry weapons class

Online Concealed Carry Permit Class (Courses + Resources)

Don’t feel like printing paperwork, mailing forms, and attending boring in-person concealed carry classes to get your CCW permit? You’re in luck. In most states, you can get your concealed carry permit (CCW) online. The process for obtaining a concealed carry permit may vary depending on the state or country where you live. In some […]

best 3d printed glock

Best 3D Printed Glocks

The brand Gock is synonymous with many things from 80% pistols, law enforcement, gangster rap, and now 3D printing. The Glock offers versatility, aftermarket parts availability, and OEM polymer-based frame that simply, makes sense, as an application for 3D printing. As such, there have been many Glock frames released by different 3D gun developers on […]

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