Trigger Discipline and Firearm Safety

Trigger Confidence vs Trigger Safety
Or: “Why Pointing Your Gun at Your D*** Is a Bad Idea.”

Apparently, some of you on Twitter didn’t listen to your RSO last time you went to the range, because this insane trend is ALL OVER my timeline.

Image Credit: freeman13372 (Twitter/X)

Because of course, it is. Far be it from GunCAD Twitter to be safe and handle their firearms with care and respect. In all seriousness, folks, as much as some of these scenes are very funny—I like to laugh at idiots just as much as anyone—y’all really shouldn’t be doing this. It can be dangerous enough to build and test experimental designs, but this is tempting the Grim Reaper.

trigger safety and rules

I’ve seen too many of these so-called “🅱️oint” posts now, Poe’s Law has fully kicked in and I can’t tell if this is still a joke. At least one poor soul has sacrificed a family jewel to this meme (god, can it even be called that?), and the video evidence is just as shocking (Content Warning: he’s a massive idiot). If it were any other place, I would assume it’s all in good fun, but since it’s Twitter, I know there are another two or three dozen morons who will see this kind of shit and be too tempted by the easy engagement.

So, I’m going to shamelessly take advantage of this recent uptick in the discussion about firearm safety (as in, what not to do) and quickly recertify all of you, and to make sure I keep your attention throughout this lecture, I’ll show you some of the funnier examples of folks who have just lost their f****** minds.

Rule 1: The Gun is Always Loaded.

jnyboy 1
Image Credit: jnyboy (Twitter/X)

Always. At all Times. Even when it’s unloaded.

Can you see through the metal and plastic your gun is made of? No? Then anytime you handle a firearm, assume it’s loaded until you physically check it for clear. This is by far the biggest thing you can do to prevent accidents and negligent discharges, and it takes all of five seconds on basically any gun. If you’re like me and carry a firearm in your car or on your person, this also works great for when you need to ensure the firearm is loaded. There is literally no reason for you to not know whether your firearm is loaded or not, and making assumptions can get someone hurt or killed.

Don’t be That Guy™ and just check it.

Rule 2: Watch Where You Point That Thing

saberfuchs 1 1
Image Credit: saberfuchs (Twitter/X)

If you like it, don’t put a bullet in it.

If you’ve never been flagged by the guy on the bench next to yours, I promise it’s not a good feeling. For those of you who, like me, have stared down the barrel of some miscreant’s shiny new safe queen while he rambles on about powder loads and twist rates, take a moment to internalize that experience and try to project it onto everything around you next time you pick up a firearm. Better to not run any risk of losing someone or something you care about.

Your teddy bear will appreciate the due diligence.

Rule 3: Be Aware of Your Target’s Surroundings

ricecutta0 1 1
Image Credit: RICECUTTA0 (Twitter/X)

360°, 360°.

Bullets move stupid fast, and most people don’t wear plate carriers to the grocers, including anyone you might have to defend yourself from. Be mindful of this fact before you engage because a justified act of self-defense may result in collateral damage. This goes for any potential encounter, whether you’re out in the world or in the privacy of your own home. Choosing the right kind of ammunition makes all the difference in the world here, so make sure you pay attention next time you’re picking up a box.

And now, finally:

Rule 4: Keep Your Booger Hook Off The Bang Switch

kyleprintspews 1
Image Credit: kyleprintspews (Twitter/X)

Did anyone else just get a little nauseous?

Kyle here is demonstrating exactly why you want to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire, and hopefully I don’t have to spell it out for any of you. If you’re not going to shoot, there’s absolutely no reason to put your finger anywhere near it. Not one.

I hate to be the buzzkill here guys, but guns are not toys. They can and will hurt someone, including yourself if they are handled incorrectly, and edging your trigger is the fastest way to win that Darwin Award.

Alright, lecture over.

I hope you all learned (or relearned) something here today. Don’t make me come back.

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