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JSD Supply

JSD Supply is a premier supplier of Polymer 80 and 3D handgun parts for gun enthusiasts in all 50 states.

JSD Supply is a Federally licensed dealer out of the state of Pennsylvania. 

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JSD Supplies gun parts support gun customizers across the United States of America and center their business on the American traditions of bearing arms.

JSD Supply provides legal parts and accessories that you need to tailor your gun to your own needs. They carry parts for match accuracy, tactical utility, or self-defense effectiveness. JSD Supply promises to always be ready with legal, high-quality parts at fair prices.

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JSD carries multiple monthly deals. Savings on parts from companies like Patmos, PF9, and Sig Sauer are all available under their deal program.

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If you’re just getting started on your first DIY 80% lower build or looking for a new project, JSD Supply has all the equipment you need.

Check out their monthly deals at https://jsdsupply.com/holiday-deals/

JSD Supply Polymer 80 Build Kits

Before May 2022, JSD Supply sold Polymer 80 Build Kits to the public. These build kits contained an 80% completed frame. 

80% lowers are legal in Federal law. Purchasing a P80 build kit is fully Federally legal. However, there are some controversies between manufacturers and the Federal government as to what constitutes an 80% build kit.

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JSD Supply’s Polymer 80 build kits are currently unavailable pending the outcome of their lawsuit against the BATFE. This is an expected outcome with the potential for a judgment that could set legal parameters regarding the 80% rule

JSD Supply Binary Triggers

JSD Supply push-release triggers are industry-standard trigger devices that allow the shooter to fire once on the pull and once on the release of the trigger. With push-release triggers, you can double your rate of fire, completely legally.

The National Firearms Act of 1933 (NFA) defines a machine gun as a weapon that fires multiple rounds on a single trigger action. 

Push-release triggers fire only on the pull and only on the release. Because of this, they do not meet the NFA definition of a machine gun and are legal without expensive, time-consuming NFA paperwork.

JSD Supply Shipping

JSD Supply ships to any location within the 50 states. Credit card processors require shipping to be to the customer’s billing address, so keep this in mind when ordering. 

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All shipping is USPS Priority Mail and is weight-based. JSD requires signatures for high purchases to protect customers from fraud and theft.

Return policy is a strong point for JSD supply. Their return policies are best-in-class. JSD Supply promises returns on unaltered and unused products and encourages people wanting to process a return to file an RMA with the company.

JSD Supply ATF Raid

On May 11, 2020, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives executed a warrant at JSD, which JSD Supply fought in court.

The Cease & Desist order was rescinded on May 24, and a lawsuit was filed in Federal court against BATFE on August 24, 2022. That suit is ongoing currently.

JSD wants to reassure people that there was no actual “raid.” There was no Hollywood drama. ATF delivered a cease and desist letter and JSD responded appropriately. 

Some pages and services normally seen on JSD Supply’s website have been disabled because of the lawsuit. JSD is hoping to return to full operation soon.

JSD has an active gun show schedule in the fall and winter of 2022. They are showing across Pennsylvania for the remaining weeks of the year.

For more information, see https://jsdsupply.com/gun-show-schedule/.

JSD Supply Coupon and Discount Codes

JSD Supply has a small supply of active coupon codes. Like many online retailers, their codes change regularly to keep them fresh.

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If you want to find the most recent coupon codes, sign up for their newsletter or email them for information. It’s always worth your time to shop for the latest codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JSD Supply legit?

JSD Supply is a legal and Federally licensed firearms parts dealer. JSD Supply’s stock of parts comes from merchants like Apex Tactical, Fostech, and Kearse Firearms.

Your protection, sporting, and tactical needs are the first part of JSD’s mission.

Everything JSD Supply carries has been tested by their team. They test every component and tool in their shop and have used them. Used correctly, the customer can expect a firearm that looks and operates identically to a store-bought weapon.

Does JSD Supply ship to California?

JSD Supply ships to every state, including California. The legal environment in California is challenging for gun owners.

However, JSD Supply works to ensure that its products are shipped in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Some products cannot be shipped to all locations.

Keeping and bearing arms is a federally protected Constitutional right

. The States cannot prevent you from exercising it. Be sure that JSD Supply will make sure that you have the access to the materials you need to maintain and modify your weapons!

How long does it take for JSD supply to ship?

JSD Supply ships by USPS Priority Mail, and purchases over $300 as well as Full Build Kits Minus Frames will require a signature. Shipping rates are weight-based and round to the next full pound. Shipping is currently being fulfilled within 1-3 business days out of their facility.

Shipping information updates regularly.

For their latest information see https://jsdsupply.com/shipping-returns/

Returns require the product to be unaltered and unused. Please contact JSD Supply before shipping any returns for an RMA.

Return shipping will be paid by the customer. JSD promises to pay return shipping costs if the return is the result of their error.

Returns should be refunded within four weeks of giving the package to the return shipper. 

Most of the time, the refund should be received more quickly, as the four-week period includes full transit time to receive the package from the shipper.

Who owns JSD supply?

JSD Supply was founded by its president and owner, Jordan Vinroe, in 2013. The company was founded to help people build their own guns from the privacy of their own garages.

JSD guns do not require serialization, background check, or government fees.

Does JSD supply ship to home?

JSD Supply’s credit merchant requires them to ship to the billing address of the card on file. There is no ability to ship to a separate shipping address as amazon.com can.

Their credit merchant explains that this is a fraud prevention measure for the buyer’s safety.

JSD Supply can ship to the USA only. International purchasers should look to suppliers in their home countries.

Check out JSD for your next Polymer 80 or 3D gun build!

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Cody is a staff writer for 3D Gun Builder.

Cody brings years of experience in firearms, 80% builds, 3D printing, and internet security.

He owns six 3D printers and enjoys spreading his knowledge of modern day gun smithing around the world.

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