homebuild history harlot series

Homebuild History – Harlot Series

Welcome to Homebuild History, the part of 3D Gun Builder’s website where we focus on the history of some of the most iconic homebuilt firearms, their contributions to the world, and most importantly, how YOU AT HOME can get your hands on these classic arms and armaments! What’s the Story? This week, we’ll be talking […]

universal pump chasis 3d print

Universal Pump Chassis

Mouse, Maker. Maker, Mouse. The BCAM Universal Pump Chassis is a seriously bada** multi-caliber pump-style firearm that uses off-the-shelf AR15 parts. If there was ever a contest for “Most Neapolitan GunCAD Release,” the UPC from Black Cat Aircraft and Manufacturing would be front of mind as a candidate. Boasting a surprising collection of compatible cartridges, […]

9mm deep 3d ammo

9mm Deep

(Insert Crude Joke Here) The only thing better than 3D printed guns? 3D printed ammo. The 9mm Deep is a family of DIY cartridges developed for intrepid target shooters looking to supply their own ammunition rather than shop for it. The ingenious design makes use of airgun pellets wrapped in a plastic sabot to make […]

sudy 23 52 3d printed

Sudy 23 & 23/52

Your SMG? Our SMG. Russian 9mm fury never looked so good. The Sudy 23 & 23/52 is a fantastic release for those of you out there who like your PCC range day shenanigans with a side of history. Based off the famed PPS-43, the lighter and thinner little sister of the PPSh-41, these twins are […]

15 22 mag box

15-22 Square Deal

In Case You Needed a Bigger Stick For when you need to let others do the speaking, the Square Deal offers reliability without compromising on capacity, carry weight, or style. This modular .22LR magazine for AR pattern rifles is perfect for builders who need a little more (or a little less) from their kits. With […]

famar famas ar15 3d 1


FamAR (Famas / AR15) Details The Famar is a bullpup style chambered in 5.56 using readily available AR15 parts. The Famar brings in 2023 with a bang and continued innovation in the 3D printed rifle space. Black Lotus Coalition has released the initial files and development is continuing. FamAR (Famas / AR15) in the Wild […]

harlot 22lr derringer pistol

Harlot 22LR

Harlot 22LR Details The Harlot is a cool 22lr break-action single-shot pistol released this past year. The derringer style design and file release was developed by the 3D gun development group, Black Lotus Coalition. This 22lr derringer pistol is an excellent “throw away” and 3D gun option as a parts kit will only run you […]

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