Fliegerfaust 3d printed


Fliegerfaust Rocket Launcher Details The Fliegerfaust, also known as the “Luftfaust,” was a German prototype of an unguided, man-portable, multi-barreled ground-to-air rocket launcher, designed to destroy enemy ground attack planes during World War II. The Fliegerfaust was a prototype model, and the production model Fliegerfaust B was the more common of the two models. The […]

frankenfaust 3d printed rocket launcher


Frankenfaust Rocket Launcher Details The Panzerfaust is a German anti-tank weapon that was first introduced during World War II. It was a relatively simple and inexpensive weapon that was designed to be used by infantry soldiers ragainst tanks and other armored vehicles. The Panzerfaust was a single-shot weapon that fired a shaped charge projectile, which […]

m202 flash rocket launcher

M202 Flash

M202 Flash Rocket Launcher Details Once thought to be a pipe dream the days of the 3D printed rocket launcher have finally arrived. The M202 FLASH Rocket Launcher is a man-portable, four-barrel rocket launcher originally designed to replace World War II-era flamethrowers. The M202 FLASH launcher features incendiary rounds and is a lightweight, individual rocket […]

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