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Who is The Gatalog

The Gatalog is a community-driven online platform that provides 3D printable firearm designs and technical data packages. The website is run by a team of enthusiasts who are passionate about firearms and believe in the right to bear arms. The Gatalog offers a wide range of designs, including printable frames and receivers, suppressors, magazines, and accessories.

3D Gun Designs

The Gatalog Continued

The Gatalog’s mission is to provide a platform for individuals to exercise their Second Amendment rights by creating and sharing open-source firearm designs. The website is committed to promoting responsible gun ownership and safety. The Gatalog also offers a beta program that allows users to test new designs and provide feedback to the developers.

The Gatalog is a controversial website that has received criticism from gun control advocates and praise from gun rights activists. Some argue that the website makes it too easy for individuals to create untraceable firearms, while others believe that it is a valuable resource for gun enthusiasts who want to exercise their right to bear arms. Despite the controversy, The Gatalog continues to grow in popularity and has become a hub for the 3D printing and firearms communities.

What is The Gatalog?

The Gatalog is a collection of 3D printable designs and technical data packages that can be used to create firearms, accessories, and other related items. It was created by a group of individuals who were interested in developing and sharing open-source designs that could be used to create functional firearms and related items.

gatalog website

The Gatalog includes a variety of different designs, including printable frames and receivers, DIY suppressors, 3D printable magazines, and various accessories. The designs are organized into different categories to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

One of the main goals of The Gatalog is to provide individuals with access to designs that can be used to create firearms and related items without having to rely on traditional manufacturers. This can be particularly useful for individuals who live in countries with strict gun control laws, or for those who simply want to create their own custom firearms or accessories.

The History of The Gatalog

Early Beginnings

The Gatalog began as a small online community of 3D printing enthusiasts who shared designs and ideas. In 2018, the community decided to create a website to catalog and organize their growing collection of 3D printable designs. They named it The Gatalog.

The Gatalog started out as a simple website with a few categories of designs. Members could submit their own designs and rate others. The website quickly gained popularity, and more members joined the community. The Gatalog team worked hard to improve the website and add new features.

Growth and Expansion

As The Gatalog grew, so did the number of designs and categories. The website became a valuable resource for 3D printing enthusiasts, with thousands of designs available for free download. The Gatalog team also added new features, such as a chat room and a beta program for testing new designs.

As hosting became more of an issue The Gatalog has now moved all files to they decentralized video and file hosting website,

The Gatalog’s 3D Files

Hybrid Designs

gatalog 3d hybrid frames

The Gatalog is a collection of 3D printable gun files that has gained popularity among firearm enthusiasts. The Gatalog’s 3D files are designed by various contributors and cover a wide range of firearm designs, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The files are available for download on and can be printed using a 3D printer.

Printable Frames

gatalog odysee files

One of the most popular categories of 3D files available on The Gatalog is printable frames. These frames are designed to be used as the base for a firearm and can be customized with various components to create a functional weapon. The Gatalog offers a variety of printable frames, including those for AR-15s, AK-47s, and Glock handguns.


gatalog file stl downloads

In addition to printable frames, The Gatalog also offers a variety of 3D printable firearm accessories. These accessories include magazines, suppressors, and other components that can be used to modify a firearm. 

The Gatalog’s Community

The Gatalog is more than just a collection of 3D printable gun designs. It is a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for firearms and the freedom to own and create them. Members of The Gatalog’s community come from all walks of life, from engineers and gunsmiths to hobbyists and enthusiasts.

The community is centered around The Gatalog’s website, where members can download designs, share their own creations, and collaborate on new projects. The website also features forums where members can discuss everything from technical details to political issues related to firearms ownership and 3D printing.

One of the key features of The Gatalog’s community is its commitment to safety and responsible gun ownership. Members are encouraged to follow all applicable laws and regulations, and to take appropriate safety precautions when handling firearms. The website also provides resources and guides for safe and responsible gun ownership.

Another important aspect of The Gatalog’s community is its dedication to innovation and creativity. Members are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing technology, experimenting with new materials and designs to create firearms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The website features a wide range of designs, from classic firearms like the AK-47 to more experimental designs like the KF5.

Overall, The Gatalog’s community is a vibrant and passionate group of individuals who share a common goal: to promote the freedom to own and create firearms. Whether you are an experienced gunsmith or a novice hobbyist, The Gatalog’s community offers a wealth of resources and support to help you explore the exciting world of 3D printed firearms.

Future Plans for The Gatalog

In addition to expanding their user base, The Gatalog is also working to improve the user experience on the platform. This includes making it easier to find and download designs, improving the search functionality, and implementing new features to help users create and share their own designs.

The Gatalog is poised to remain a leading platform for DIY gun enthusiasts for years to come.

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