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The Tactical Bean Holder allows you to bring your baked beans to the firefight

Tactical Savory Bean Holder Details

The 3D printed Tactical Bean Holder is truly peak 3D printed gun culture.

While some people like the Tactical Bean Holders designer, Brandon Herrera, asked “could we build it”.

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Nobody on Brandon Herrera’s team apparently was there to ask “should we do it“.

None the less, if you have an AR-15 with a Picatinny rail there is now a Tactical Savory Bean Holder available to be downloaded and printed.

The Tactical Bean Holder is compatible with any AR-15 with a Picatinny rail system and is compatible with Bush’s and most other canned savory bean manufactures.

Tactical Bean Holder in the Wild



Brandon Herrera Tactical Bean Holder Release Video
Cursed Gun Images Featuring the Tactical Bean Holder

Tactical Bean Holder History

The Tactical Bean Holder was first brought to the public in August of 2019 by famous Youtube “gun tuber” Brandon Herrera AKa the AK Guy.

Herrera had a desire to never be caught with his firearm but zero possibility of baked bean enjoyment.

The over-engineering of what amounts to a can holder is quite impressive.

Each Tactical Bean Holder comes with an engraving showing the correct mounting orientation, and beans towards you.

The Youtube video currently sits at over 71k views and has quickly earned its place in the 3D printed gun meme hall of fame.

The Tactical Bean Holder was also received by Reddit with quite a bit of fan fair.

Tactical Bean Holder Tech Specs

Mounting Options for the Tactical Bean Holder is currently limited to weapons with a Picatinny rail system.

The Tactical Bean Holder fits Bush’s and most other canned savory beans.

Whether you are at the range or in a gunfight you can now have your savory baked beans as an attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Tactical Bean Holder mounted?

You can mount the bean holder attachment via any gun with a Picatinny rail or simply a flat surface with duct tape.

Is the Tactical Bean Holder real or a meme?

The Tactical Bean Holder is both real and a top-tier meme.

Is something missing or incorrect?

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