How Much Does a Glock Weigh (17, 19, 26, 43, 34)

Glocks are some of the most popular weapons in the world. They are known for their simplicity, endurance, and reliability.

One of the critical attributes of any handgun is its weight. In the article, we will be exploring the most popular models and their weight.

glock weight 17 19 26 43 34

We’ll also look into what are the biggest contributing factors to the overall weight of the Glock, as well as how much does a Glock weigh with an empty magazine.

How Much Does a Glock Weigh?

Different types of Glock guns have different features, and the weight varies from one model to another. In general terms, the Glocks are pretty lightweight when compared to other popular handguns on the market, and their weight ranges from 18 to 32 ounces, depending on the model. 

how much does a glock weigh

Lighter doesn’t necessarily mean better when choosing any firearm, with a certain amount of weight being needed to maintain balance while taking aim. The Glock is a popular gun because of its unique combination of size, capacity, weight, and trigger pull.

There are over 50 Glock models, but here we’ll be assessing the weights of G17, G19, G26, G43, and G34.

The common specifications for all these models are 9x19mm caliber and SafeAction system. Everything else on these models is a unique combination of size, weight, and features. 

If you’re looking to find out how much a Glock weighs, the text below will provide you with accurate numbers on specifications like weight, length, and width.

Glock 17

glock 17 weight
BARREL LENGTH114 mm | 4.49 inch
LENGTH (OVERALL)204 mm | 8.03 inch
WEIGHT W. EMPTY MAGAZINE705 g | 24.87 oz
WEIGHT W. LOADED MAG915 g | 32.28 oz
Glock 17 Specs.

The G17 is a standard-size Gock model that measures 8.03 inches in length with a 4.49-inch barrel. Its weight with a loaded magazine is 32.28 ounces. The weight of a G17 with an empty magazine is 24.87 ounces. 

This is the most common Glock version and is usually the reference point for size and weight. Its magazine capacity is 17 in its standard version.

Glock 19

glock 19 weight
BARREL LENGTH102 mm | 4.02 inch
LENGTH (OVERALL)187 mm | 7.36 inch
WEIGHT W. EMPTY MAGAZINE670 g | 23.63 oz
WEIGHT W. LOADED MAG855 g | 30.16 oz

The G19 is a compact-size model, which suggests smaller dimensions for a more comfortable carry. It is 7.36 inches in overall length with a 4.02-inch barrel. Its weight with a loaded magazine is 30.16 ounces. The weight of a Glock 19 with an empty magazine is 23.63 ounces.

In its standard version, the G19 has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

Glock 26

glock 26 weight
BARREL LENGTH87 mm | 3.43 inch
LENGTH (OVERALL)165 mm | 6.50 inch
WEIGHT W. EMPTY MAGAZINE610 g | 21.52 oz
WEIGHT W. LOADED MAG730 g | 25.75 oz

The G26 is a subcompact version implying it’s over even smaller size than compact. Its overall length is 6.5 inches, and despite its smaller size, it still maintains the standard 1.26-inch width.

With a loaded magazine, it weighs 25.75 ounces and has a standard magazine capacity of 10. With an empty magazine, it weighs 21.52 ounces. 

Glock 43

glock 43 weight
BARREL LENGTH86,5 mm | 3.41 inch
LENGTH (OVERALL)159 mm | 6.26 inch
WEIGHT W. EMPTY MAGAZINE510 g | 17.99 oz
WEIGHT W. LOADED MAG585 g | 20.64 oz

The G43 is also of a smaller, compact size with an overall length of 6.26 inches. Its width is 1.06 inches which deviate from the standard width for a Glock. The magazine capacity is six rounds, and unlike the other models, it cannot be changed to fit more.

The weight of this Glock with a full magazine (not a Glock full auto) is 20.64 ounces, while with an empty magazine, it’s 17.99 ounces.

Glock 34

glock 34 weight
BARREL LENGTH135 mm | 5.31 inch
LENGTH (OVERALL)224 mm | 8.82 inch
WEIGHT W. EMPTY MAGAZINE735 g | 25.93 oz
WEIGHT W. LOADED MAG945 g | 33.33 oz

The G34 is considerably longer than the G17. Its overall length is 8.82 inches, and the width is slightly bigger than the standard 1.26 inches with 1.3. 

The weight with a full magazine is 33.33 ounces, while with an empty magazine, it’s 25.93 ounces. The standard magazine capacity is 17 rounds.


As you can see, the specifications of these five Glock models vary depending on the target group they were designed for. The G43 is by far the lightest with its subcompact size, weighing just over 20 ounces, making it ideal for concealed carry.

The other subcompact gun was the G26 weighing just 25.75 ounces. The others are significantly bigger and heavier, weighing between 28 and 32 ounces, making them suitable for range shooting or self-defense.

The bigger models are easier to shoot from, even at longer distances. The tighter grip means less recoil, and it allows for bigger magazines. Still, whenever there’s a need for concealed carry, compact, lighter models are better.

Choosing the best Glock for you will depend on your needs and preferences. Trying out these models at a firing range before buying either of them can help you make a better choice.

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