awcy sczorpion

AWCY Scz0rpion (Behind the Build)

The Gun that Launched a Thousand Shipments There are a select few releases that become the stuff of legends, and none are more notable than the Scz0rpion. Rumor has it that this release caused an international parts shortage for CZ and cemented GunCAD in the minds of their engineers for years to come. I recently […]

rusty shackleford 777

Interview with RustyShackleford777

The Art of Rant, The Rant of Art I’m glad to know I’m not the only one around here that’s been labeled “long-winded.” Famed for his high-quality designs and now for being the longest interview I’ve ever completed, RustyShackleford777 is an unmistakable personality in our community. I recently got the opportunity to sit down with […]

3d printed cetme 2077

CETME 2077

It Takes Real Brains to Make Real Brawn In the world of 3D printed firearms, bigger isn’t always better. Full-sized cartridges come with full-sized problems (and not-so-complete appendages), so research and development has focused largely on cartridges on the other side of the 30-caliber split. Of course, on the rare occasion that some intrepid dev […]

3d printed the peace release

The Peace Release

Talk About Not Lifting a Finger We can all agree Eugene Stoner should’ve thought about the bolt release on the AR-15 a little more, right? Thankfully, you can now rectify this oversight from the convenience of your very own home. The Peace Release is a wonderful little thingamabob that extends the bolt release lever back […]

3d printed milc 37mm

M.I.L.C. HiLo

Black Powder is So 1883 9 out of 10 launcher fans agree, black powder sucks. It corrodes barrels, you have to measure it out for every shot, and it stinks like you wouldn’t believe. The MILC system brings 37mm fun up to date by incorporating .38 Special blanks to create a clean and easy to […]

3d printed nt70 launcher

NT79 Launcher

The Bane of Every MW2 Lobby One of the most satisfying sounds you can hear in your life, I think, has to be the “bloop” of the M79 launcher, and this project can give hits of nostalgic pleasure all day long. The NT79 is a break action, single shot 37mm launcher that specializes in delivering […]

3d printed scarpup


As the Good Lort Intended As if marrying the Evo 3 to an AR wasn’t good enough, now you can bullpup it too. The ScARpup is a total conversion kit that overhauls your ScARpion and takes it to the next level. This kit makes the process simple with some extra hardware, perfect for adept builders […]

3d scarpion 22

ScARpion 22

AR FGC All The Things Thank goodness it’s only insanity if you expect a different result, because AR fire control groups work no matter what you put them in. If you looked at an Evo 3 recently and said, “Man, I really wish this was an AR,” you’ve come to the right place. The ScARpion […]

awcy sczorpion


All Your Bolts Are Belong To Us Art is not meant to be contained, and no release exemplifies this mantra better than the legendary Scz0rpion. So popular that it became responsible for an international parts shortage CZ has not (and probably will never) recovered from, few others have managed to match the impact this design […]

megapistol 17


With Apologies to Heckler & Koch It’s a story as old as time: H&K makes an amazing product that everyone wants, but they refuse to sell it to us. Thanks to the hard work of Sloth and 1+2=3D though, you need not worry about being German enough for the MP7, because now we have MP7 […]

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