awcy sczorpion


All Your Bolts Are Belong To Us Art is not meant to be contained, and no release exemplifies this mantra better than the legendary Scz0rpion. So popular that it became responsible for an international parts shortage CZ has not (and probably will never) recovered from, few others have managed to match the impact this design […]

megapistol 17


With Apologies to Heckler & Koch It’s a story as old as time: H&K makes an amazing product that everyone wants, but they refuse to sell it to us. Thanks to the hard work of Sloth and 1+2=3D though, you need not worry about being German enough for the MP7, because now we have MP7 […]

scarab v2

Scarab V2

Scarab V2 Details Back and better than ever, with only half as many empty calories. The Scarab V2 delivers the fury of the MAC-11 platform in a sleek, attractive package with all the creature comforts; signed, sealed, and delivered on demand. A much-requested sequel, SwarmTech Design has once again proven that the MAC chassis is […]

3d printed 37mm launcher anarchy

Anarchy 37mm Launcher

Anarchy 37mm Launcher Details Introducing The Anarchy, a small 37mm launcher that is highly efficient and affordable. The Anarchy was developed with 3 versions, the Hand Cannon, the Under barrel and the Double Door Knocker. Check out some of the other 3D Printed launchers The design was originally created by Danny Meatball and was later […]

3d printed mac 11 db alloy

DB Alloy

DB Alloy Details The DB Alloy is a modular hybrid lower receiver designed for Mac 11/9 and Mac 5.7 based upper receivers. The availability of Mac 11 kits and uppers has been growing over the last year making the DB Alloy the perfect addition to available 3D printed lower receivers. It’s a unique combination of […]

burnt bacon flash can 3d print

Burnt Bacon

Burnt Bacon Muzzle Device Details The Burnt Bacon is a flash can designed to redirect the gas and noise from each shot forward. Whether you are looking for a muzzle device for its utility or to add a bit of “drip” to your 3D printed gun, the Burnt Bacon is an awesome installment from the […]

3d printed awcy p90


3DP90 Receiver Details After long and anticipated “beta” testing the 3D printed P90, also known as the 3DP90 has been released to the public. Developed by the 3D gun building group known as AWCY (Are We Cool Yet?) the 3DP90 brings a classic and eccentric firearm, ready to print at your home. The 3D printed […]

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