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scarab v2

Scarab V2 STL Files

Unique & Aesthetic Mac 11 Build

Scarab V2 Details

Back and better than ever, with only half as many empty calories. The Scarab V2 delivers the fury of the MAC-11 platform in a sleek, attractive package with all the creature comforts; signed, sealed, and delivered on demand. A much-requested sequel, SwarmTech Design has once again proven that the MAC chassis is not to be underestimated.

Made with the exclusive intent to be an Instagram supermodel for his friends at AWCY?, the Scarab V2 is eager to show off its modern design, making for a naturally photogenic pick for range day. Paired with legendary AWCY? reliability, this release is sure to impress builders of any skill level.

Scarab V2 In The Wild



Scarab V2 Tech Specs

The files are designed to accommodate PLA+ as a minimum. Durability may vary depending on selected printing materials. The documentation details and recommends the settings used for Crucible-tested builds.

The file package includes not only the Scarab V2 itself, but also a range of accessories, including your choice of muzzle device, foregrip (with an alternate receiver for an integral setup), and magazine (surprise DMB & Co. crossover).

The receiver was designed with Velocity Firearm’s VMAC9 uppers in mind, but they are compatible with other offerings.

Required Parts for the Scarab V2


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer
  • Complete MAC Upper Receiver
  • MAC Lower Parts kit
  • MAC Trigger Guard


  • M3 bolts (25mm/30mm/35mm) + nuts
  • M4 bolts (15mm/20mm/32mm) + nuts
  • M6 bolts (20mm) + nuts
  • Yellow Ender Bed springs (8mm OD x 20mm die cut spring)
  • Glock magazine springs (17rd/30rd)


  • Punch set
  • Armorer’s Hammer
  • Allen/Hex key set

Scarab V2 Build Instructions


  • eSun PLA+

SwarmTech Design’s Scarab V2 is the perfect build to flex both on the range and on social media.

Want your very own photoshoot princess? Download and print the Scarab V2 today!

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