what is ar15 bcg bolt carrier group

What is an AR15 BCG (Bolt Carrier Group)

The bolt carrier group (BCG) is a complex part of the AR15 rifle, as it is responsible for several important functions that make it operational. Without it, the AR15 would be rendered useless, so as a rifle enthusiast, it is a good idea for you to know what an AR15 BCG is and how the […]

best ar15 triggers

Best AR15 Triggers

On the hunt for the best AR15 triggers in 2022? 3D Gun Builder has found the best AR15 triggers on the internet. Now that we are two decades ahead from the development of the M-15/AR15, the weapon is amongst the favorites of people because of its CNC machining. In addition, the accurate AR15 gunning system, […]

best ak cleaning kit

Best AK Cleaning Kits

We have searched the internet and found the best AK cleaning kits available. Even though an AK-type firearm is one of the few creations built to last, you still have to clean and maintain it. A rusty and neglected AK rifle can harm you and the people around you.  Many gun owners like their guns […]

best ar15 cleaning kit

Best AR15 Cleaning Kits

Choosing the right cleaning kit for your AR15 rifle can be a challenge. There are many options, factors, and prices to consider, which is why we’ve decided to analyze and choose them for you.  By the end of this article, you will know which one of the best AR15 cleaning kits to choose from, complete […]

muzzle brake vs compensator

Muzzle Brake vs Compensator

In recent years, the rifle barrels have come alternated from the factory so that the person using them can add a muzzle device such as a muzzle brake or a compensator. Since then, many people have started to compare the muzzle brake vs compensator while having difficulty understanding the difference between the two. The confusion […]

how much cost restore gun rights

How Much Does it Cost to Restore Gun Rights

Have you lost the right to own or possess firearms? How much does it cost to restore your gun rights? If you have been convicted of a felony offense, that is the reason for it, as people automatically lose their right to own a gun in such a case.  You can’t legally buy a firearm […]

fns 40 9 parts kit assembeld

FNS 40/9 Parts Kit (Guide)

If you are 3D printing the FN FNS 9 or FNS 40 you are going to need an FN FNS parts kit. The FN FNS 40/9 is a popular American-made hand pistol that provides accurate shooting and several attractive features. It’s ideal for many uses, including target practice and self-protection. Anyone who currently has one […]

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