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Invader PDW

invader pdw v2

Invader PDW STL Files

The Invader PDW is a 3D Printed Glock 17 frame with a collapsible brace.

Invader PDW DD17.2 Details

The Invader PDW is the evolution of the Glock 17 or 3D printed DD17.2.

The Invader PDW comes with a collapsible, spring-loaded, self-deploying stock along with a forward grip that holds an extra magazine.

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The Invader PDW is designed to be as compact and concealable as possible while still providing the user with a high degree of firepower and stability.

The stock, frame, and forward grip are both FDMA based.

Invader PDW in the Wild



Invader PDW FDMA DD17.2 Assembly Instructions
Invader PDW Range Test

Invader PDW History

The Invader PDW was release by Digital Nimbus Labs 9 months ago and was shortly followed up with the release of both the Invader v2 and Invader v3.

A roadmap was also publishted for this firearm with plans in the works to release the following to the 3D printed gun community:

  • Next Generation Magazine Holder
  • Manual Invader PDW Safety
  • Mini Invader aka Vader
invader pdw roadmap

Stay tuned because the development history of the Invader PDW is no where near finished.

Invader PDW DD17.2 Tech Specs

The Invader PDW is chambered in 9mm Luger and can accept Glock magazines that are a minimum of 16 rounds.

The gun has a 3.5-inch barrel and an overall length of just 16.25 inches with the stock deployed.

When collapsed, the stock reduces the length of the gun to just 13 inches.

The Invader PDW has a weight of just 4.3 pounds, making it one of the lightest and fiercest 3D printed platforms online.

Required Parts for the Invader PDW Build

All of the components for the 3D printed Invader PDW FDMA build can be purchased online and sent directly to you.

The design of the Invader allows for the most standard and available G17 parts to be used making this 3d printed gun accessible for everyone.

Off-the-shelf items:

Standard 80% Glock Lower Parts kit

Standard 80%/OEM Complete Slide

FDMA – compatible G17/DD17.2 Slide Rails from RiptideRails, Aves Rails, Etc

Fullsize LockingB lock

AG 17 Compatible, 9mm magazine(17rd or larger)

One additional Magazine Catch


Brace rail pins: 3mm Dia. x 10mm Brace Pin x 2

Magcatchspring: 0.2mm Dia x 36mm Spring Steel Wire x1

Brace deploy spring: 10mm OD x 40mm, .05 wire diameter compression spring x 1

Brace locking plate spring: 3mm OD x 10mm compression spring x 1

Brace deploy spring pin: 3/16” x 1-7/8” Cotter Pin with C-clip OR M4 x 45mm Screw and M4 Nut 6. Brace deploy spring pin washer: 3/16” Washer OR M4 Washer

Bracebarend: stopscrews:1/8”

  • Hammer
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • 1/8” or smaller punch
  • Precision flathead screwdriver 5. Hobby Knife
  • Drill with 1/8” bit
  • Hacksaw
  • Dremel
  • Metal File

Wrap Up

If you are not content with a Glock 17 and love the “bad a**” factor of a self deploying brace the Invader PDW may be the 3D printed gun for you.

The Invader PDW is one of the fiercest 3D printed guns on the internet and will have your friends asking “where did you get that?”

The Invader PDW can be yours for less than $200 – $400 in parts and hardware, plus the cost of a 3D printer and filament.

That’s an unbeatable price for a gun that packs this much firepower.

Start your Invader PDW build today and be the envy of your friends tomorrow.

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