Swamp Fox Optics Review

Swamp Fox is the brand you should focus on if you are looking for a fresh new optic that is tough, clean, and precise with an optimal range.

Grabbing the gun and testing the new optic is the best way to see if the accessory is eligible for your weapon. But, since we live in a modern world of online ordering, let me present some of the best optics that Swamp Fox offers. 

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In the company’s product lineup, there is something for everyone, from military spec ops to gun enthusiasts. Each optic has different features but what they all have in common are top-notch quality and an affordable price. 

With headquarters in China and Colorado, Swamp Fox caught the eye of every gun nut. Anyone looking for a bad review, or someone who hasn’t been satisfied with this company’s gun accessories is looking for a needle in a haystack.

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I’m biased, and I got nothing to sell you. But the company’s accomplishments in a short period are extraordinary, and they speak for themselves. I like giving credit where credit’s due.

In this Swamp Fox optics review, I will discuss the most popular optics for different weapons. 

Swamp Fox Sentinel

Sentinel Ultra-Compact Micro Red Dot Sight

The next generation ultra-compact micro reflex dot sight is optimized for every day carry on slimline pistol slides.

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The Swamp Fox Sentinel is one of the newest red dot optics on the market. This optic has many features and comes at a great price, significantly impacting the shooting world. 

The Sentinel costs between $229 and $249 and offers great performance. This reflex sight has a top-notch construction and quality. The optic’s body has a hard-coat black design made with 7075-T6 aluminum. 

Regarding the window, the company used multi-coated glass, which adds a lot of quality and precision even in the most challenging weather conditions. 

As I mentioned, the pricing of the Sentinel is very much attractive, and when you add up the quality of construction together with the auto-adjustment that the optic offers, you get a very nice piece of equipment to add to your arsenal.

The Sentinel also offers a good shooting range which is the key to any good self-defense gear. 

Swamp Fox Kingslayer 

Kingslayer Micro Reflex Sight 1x22

The Kingslayer is a super compact, highly accurate micro reflex open red dot sight featuring three reticle options that allows for fast target acquisition with both eyes open while focusing through to the target.

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The Kingslayer is another popular red dot from Swamp Fox. This optic is very lightweight and offers preassembled Picatinny compatibility. Additionally to this type of mount, the optic can be placed on the side with the help of an RMR cutout. 

Remember that some Kingslayer optics are incompatible with an RMR footprint, so be careful before purchasing. The optic comes in a box together with some standard items. However, there is a surprise in the package of the Kingslayer for every gun enthusiast. With the Kingslayer, the company includes a rubberized sheath. 

If you like a low-profiled optic with angled cuts, the Kingslayer can be the perfect new addition to your armory. The scope has an aluminum body with a black oxide finish and rubberized easy-to-push buttons.

Swamp Fox Liberty 

Liberty & Justice Red Dot Sight

Liberty and Justice are the all new open reflex dot sights intended for every day carry and competition on pistols, carbines, and shotguns.

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The Liberty scope also comes with a 3 MOA dot size and a shake ’n wake feature that keeps the battery running for almost one year.

These red dot optics are perfect for adding onto your Polymer 80 build and pair perfectly with our RMR P80 slide kit.

This scope has 1x magnification, a lens diameter of 22 millimeters, 10 illumination positions, and 1500G Shockproof forces.

The Liberty scope is waterproof up to one meter (IPX7) and allows gun owners to manually adjust the brightness. 

Because the optic is designed to be featherweight and as light as possible, you can use the Ironsides shields from Swamp Fox to make the Liberty scope a little more stable. Together with the battery, the optic weighs about one ounce, making the gun a lot easier to carry on the beltline.

Regarding durability, the Swamp Fox Liberty never disappoints and always lit up on cue. 

Swamp Fox Arrowhead

Arrowhead LPVO Series

The Swampfox Arrowhead LPVO series meets or exceeds every requirement for serious law enforcement and self-defense applications.

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The Arrowhead is part of the Swamp Fox’s Low Power Variable Optics and is great for precise shooting over longer distances. 

The scope has a lot of capabilities; for example, it can quickly switch from 1x to 10x. If you dial back to 1x, you will have a much wider field of view, perfect for close-range shooting. 

At 10x, gun fanatics can hit a target at 500 yards. The distance can even be further stretched with top-quality ammo

The Swamp Fox Arrowhead has solid windage and elevation adjustments that only require you to pull the turret cap out and get ready to rumble. 

The Arrowhead has an illuminated reticle with 12 settings for brightness. The first two settings are for night vision. Also, the elevation and windage turrets lock the settings and prevent them from being back to zero. The scope comes with a throw lever, which makes changing the magnification settings easy.

Swamp Fox Red Dot

Liberty & Justice Red Dot Sight

Liberty and Justice are the all new open reflex dot sights intended for every day carry and competition on pistols, carbines, and shotguns.

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Mounting the Red Dot optic can be easy because the scope comes with a standard RMR footprint. There are no surprises, and if you have the slightest experience, you can adjust your weapon without any help. 

The Red Dot is also known as “the Justice optic”. Surprisingly the design of this scope is different, and the battery goes on top, which explains why the swapping and installation are so easy. 

The Justice optic from Swamp Fox is perfect for anyone who likes to make the adjustments manually and save the battery for a long time. 

The scope comes with a “shake ’n wake” characteristic that extends the battery life for longer. 

The Red Dot optic comes with a 3 MOA dot, which is the preferable choice for many gun enthusiasts. It’s not too small to lose sight of and is not too big, which means more precise shooting. 

Swamp Fox Liberator 

Liberator Red Dot Sight 1x22

The Liberator is a super compact, highly accurate Point-of-Aim Red Dot Sight.

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Last but not least, this Swamp Fox optics review would not be complete without mentioning the Liberator. The Liberator is another top-quality scope from Swamp Fox with a 50,000-round guarantee. This gives you a lifetime warranty, and the optic can be attached to your weapon for good. 

You may think that counting rounds is impossible since we are talking about scope, but Swamp Fox uses “warrior’s honor”. The number 50,000 is just an estimation, and if the accessory fails at some point, they will give you a refund. 

The Liberator is your standard red dot with a tube-style Led emitter. The scope offers a great field of view for the shooter and weighs about 3.49 ounces. 

The optic is skeletonized and easy to mount. When purchased, the Liberator comes with a low Picatinny mount which means the scope is also eligible for shotguns and AKs. 

The Liberator is only $129 and comes with a lens cloth, covers, a double-sided wrench for installation, and a CR2032 battery. 

The estimation of the battery’s life is about 3,000 hours on medium setting. 


Hopefully, this Swamp Fox optics review helped you pick a scope that perfectly fits your gun. Swamp Fox has your back if you like something for close-range shooting or something entirely different for long distances. 

Despite being fairly new, this company can help you get the most out of your rifle without spending too much money. 

Good Luck!

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