Purse Snatcher 9000

purse snatcher 9000

Purse Snatcher 9000 STL Files

Bayonet attachment for the Glock platform

Purse Snatcher 9000 Details

A surprising and honestly hilarious release from Unseenkiller, the Purse Snatcher 9000 is a fantastic addition to any handgun fanatic’s box of accessories. With this underside-mounted bayonet adapter, any build, especially Glock builds can be transformed to cover even the closest of close-quarters encounters.

Unseenkiller, well known as a force of nature in the world of 3D modeling, has built a sizeable reputation for high-quality and versatile builds in all sorts of categories. Some of his most notable work includes the Anarchy launcher and the Block series of modeling testbenches.

Purse Snatcher 9000 In The Wild

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Purse Snatcher 9000 Tech Specs

The Purse Snatcher 9000 is about as straightforward as expected from an Unseenkiller release. Printing rails-down is recommended, and the build is designed to accommodate PLA as a minimum, though durability may vary depending on the filament types used. The mount is designed to fit any M4 pattern bayonet, though the documentation provided by Unseenkiller recommends Camillus bayonets for best fit.

As is common with Unseenkiller releases, documentation for the Purse Snatcher 9000 is short and to-the-point, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure

Required Parts for the Purse Snatcher 9000


  • 3D printer
  • Filament


  • 2 M3 x 20 Socket Head Cap screws
  • 2 M3 nuts
  • 2 M5 x 30 Socket Head Cap screws
  • 2 M5 nuts
  • 1 3.9mm Retention Plate, purchasable from SendCutSend (DXF file included)

Purse Snatcher 9000 Build Instructions


  • eSun PLA+

Unseenkiller’s Purse Snatcher 9000 is just the thing handgun builders need to complete their accessory collection.

Need to cover even the most close of close quarters? Download and build your own Purse Snatcher 9000 today!

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