Desert3D × HT SL-45/SL-10

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Desert3D × HT SL-45/SL-10 STL Files

Hoffman Tactical Super and Basic AR9 lowers chambered in 45acp or 10mm

SL-45/SL-10 Details

Hot off the presses, Desert3D and Hoffman Tactical continue to expand the SL family of lower receivers with this remix, the SL-45 and SL-10, a modified SL-9 adapted to accept 45ACP and 10mm cartridges. This release, though mostly untested by admission of the developer, leaves the majority of the original design unchanged, meaning you can expect the same quality and performance as you would from any SL-series release.

Desert3D, mostly known for his accessories and remix work, is a well respected developer, tester, and printer in the community, which leaves us very confident in his work on the SL-45/SL-10.

SL-45/SL-10 In The Wild


SL-45/SL-10 Tech Specs

Due to the nature of this release, we have included a modified version of our original SL-9 technical breakdown. Please review our writeup of the Hoffman Tactical SL-9 for more details.

The files are designed to accommodate PLA+ as a minimum, though the documentation recommends printing the ejector in Nylon for best performance. Durability may vary depending on selected printing materials.

The design is meant to support any standard AR-45/AR-10mm pattern upper and supports a standard AR-15 lower parts kit. However, the magazine catch and button are notably unused—the lower feeds from any Glock-pattern magazine.

The file package includes two different versions of the SL-45/SL-10: the Super Lower and the Basic Lower. The Super Lower is designed with the Hoffman Tactical AR-9 Reinforcement Kit in mind, while the Basic Lower is designed to use as many commercially available parts as possible.

Included with the file package is the original SL-9 documentation as well as additional documentation provided by D3D for this remix.

Required Parts for the SL-45/SL-10


  • Filament
  • 3D Printer
  • AR-45/AR-10mm Upper Receiver
  • AR-15 Lower Parts Kit
  • Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tube
  • Heavy Buffer Weights


  • 1 – 3/32” x 1” roll pin, available for purchase as part of the AR-9 Reinforcement Kit
  • 1 – #24 ½” hose clamp, “
  • 2 – 10/32 x 1 ¼” screws, “
  • 2 – 10/32 x ⅜” hex nuts, “

SL-45/SL-10 Build Instructions


  • eSun PLA+

The SL-45/SL-10 is an exciting remix of Hoffman Tactical’s SL-9 for experienced builders.

Are you looking to step up your building game? The SL-45/SL-10 from Desert3D and Hoffman Tactical is perfect for you! Download and build one today!

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