diy carbon alloy mac upper

Carbon Alloy Mac Upper

Buckle up, fellow DIY enthusiasts, because Are We Cool Yet? just dropped a hot new project that’s gonna knock your socks off! Introducing the Carbon Alloy – a sleek, custom MAC-11 upper receiver that you can craft yourself from a carbon fiber tube. That’s right, you can now add a dash of 007 swagger to […]

3d printed 1022 galileo r2

Galileo R2

The Galileo R2 is a 3D printable firearm based on the Ruger 10/22 platform. It utilizes several key OEM and aftermarket 10/22 parts, along with 3D printed components and some standard hardware. The build guide provides instructions for printing and assembling the Galileo R2 into a functional rifle. In The Wild Photos Videos Keep an […]

plastikov v4 3d printed

Plastivkov v4

Finally, at long last the Plastikov v4 has been released by notable 3D gun designer IvantheTroll. The Plastikov V4 represents a significant departure from the typical AKM receiver design. It features a rigid integrated pic rail, a slimmer overall design compared to previous versions, and increased compatibility with aftermarket stocks. Designed to be compatible with […]

comparing geisler gen1 vs gen2

Geisler Defense Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Geisler Defense, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality firearm components, has recently unveiled the second generation of their popular G19x clone frame. The Gen 2 frame boasts an array of new colors and significant improvements over its predecessor, making it an attractive choice for firearm enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore the key differences between the […]

sig sauer p320 grip modules

SIG Sauer P320 Grip Module Guide

Do you want to upgrade your SIG Sauer P320 with a new grip module but aren’t sure about what the best options are? Few people probably expected the SIG Sauer P320 to be as massive of a hit as it has been, myself included.  For decades, SIG Sauer was most well-known for their highly-regarded 220-series […]

diy gun pegboard

DIY Pegboard For Guns

Do you want to build your own DIY pegboard to store your guns at home but aren’t sure how to build one? If so, you’ve come to the right place.  In this guide, I’ll outline and discuss how to build a professional and secure do-it-yourself pegboard for your guns in your house.  Why Build A […]

polymer 80 ejector hitting slide

Polymer 80 Ejector Hitting Slide

Is your Polymer 80 frame giving you problems?  Specifically, is the tip of the ejector that you’ve installed on the P80 frame hitting the end of the slide when you attempt to assemble the gun? If so, you’re probably a bit frustrated, and understandably so.  When you have a completed P80 frame and slide ready-to-go, […]

broken armory ar15 80 jig

Broken Armory AR15 80% Jig

Are you looking to buy a new 80% jig that you can use to help modify a lower receiver for your AR-15? If so, I think the Broken Armory 80% Jig is worth taking a look at. The AR-15 has long been one of the most popular rifles sold in America for one very simple […]

glock 19 gen 3 featured

Best of Glock 19 Gen 3 Accessories

Do you have a Generation 3 Glock 19 and are looking to buy accessories and upgrades for it? If so, you’re reading the right article.  In the nearly forty years of the Glock 19 pistol’s existence, the company has released five generations of their guns so far. Through it all, the Gen 3 version of […]

homebuild history practical scrap metal small arms

Homebuild History – Practical Scrap Metal Small Arms

Welcome to Homebuild History, the part of 3D Gun Builder’s website where we focus on the history of some of the most iconic homebuilt firearms, their contributions to the world, and most importantly, how YOU AT HOME can get your hands on these classic arms and armaments! What’s the Story? You may have seen the […]

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