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Since you’re here, you probably have an AR-15 and know that this semi-automatic rifle uses a magazine for storing its ammunition.

Also, you probably heard that now it’s possible to create a 3D printed AR magazine and actually use it.

So, having at least one extra AR-15 magazine can always be useful for you, so why not do it?

Not only is it affordable and simple to be made, but most importantly, it’s functional.

3D Printed AR15 Magazine Details

Believe it or not, now it’s possible to print an AR-15 at home. All you need is a 3D printer and a model of the AR-15 magazine. So now, you’re probably asking yourself, is it easy and legal to 3D print magazines at home?

You don’t have to worry because you can download a 3D magazine model to print one, which won’t get you in trouble, but still, you must be careful and get more familiar with the laws in your state before doing anything.

This is necessary because if you make a magazine that has a bigger capacity than the allowed one, you might get in trouble.

And to print your magazine, you don’t need a high-performing 3D printer. The most affordable, basic one will do the job just right. Also, it’s good to know that the production costs are low, which may be the biggest advantage that you’ll get.

You can expect to spend around $1,000 to $1,500 for a 3D printer and the needed materials and experiment printing lots of interesting and useful things.

You can also find printers whose prices start from $200, depending on the quality and performance you want.

And yes, if you were wondering, printing a 3D AR magazine is just as functional as the real ones you buy at the store, so why not 3D print one yourself?

What Is a 3D Printed AR Magazine?

A magazine is a detachable but integral part of the firearm because it stores the ammunition. So using a 3D magazine will have the same function, and you can easily print an AR magazine using any 3D printer.

You only need a desktop 3D printer, and the printing is effortless. The Internet is full of 3D printer models, so finding one will be easy. You can get the models for free and modify them.

You can even get yourself a 3D printed AR-15 drum magazine which will provide you with a larger capacity for storing your ammunition.

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3D Printing the AR15 Magazine Guide

3D printed AR Magazine History

The ArmaLite AR-15 rifle was created as a better and lighter replacement for the ArmaLite AR-10 rifle. ArmaLite sold the design to Colt, another manufacturer, so this firm made the AR-15 based on the AR-10 rifle design.

The AR-15 was made between 1959 and 1964, and you might also know it by the name M-16, which is the name used by the U.S. Military. This is a scaled-down version, more reliable than the AR-10.

The original AR-10 magazines were made from aluminum. Whereas today, the AR-15 magazines can be made from polymer, but you can also find some made of aluminum.

Or, with today’s technology, you can just 3D print an AR magazine yourself in the comfort of your home, quickly and effortlessly.

3D printed AR Magazine Tech Specs

Plastic is the most common material used for 3D printing, or, to be more precise, PLA, which stands for polylactic acid. Even though it is plastic, this material is hard to melt, so your magazine will be durable.

Nylon is also highly used because it is strong and resistant to heat.

Because the AR-15 rifle uses round staggered detachable magazines, inserting one is easy. The standard magazine is a 30-round magazine.

Also, you can find different designs of them, but as they’re made for .223 or 5.56 rounds of ammunition, they’re interchangeable and suitable.

How to Check if the 3D printed AR Magazine Works?

You can print your AR magazine by laying it down horizontally, which is more difficult; so, as a tip, we recommend you print your AR magazine upright. And not just that, but you can also print the internal parts and their cover.

You’ll only need to buy the spring. After you attach it, the ammunition should fit perfectly inside it.

Fill the magazine with your ammunition, put it in your rifle, and you’ll immediately see if it works. The ammunition should easily get pulled in the chamber, so if it does, you’ve successfully 3D printed yourself an AR magazine.

Required Parts for the 3D AR Magazine Build

You can easily print the magazine body, the feed lips, and the follower.

The only thing that you’ll need to buy is the spring for your 3D printer AR magazine, as they can’t be printed.

You can order lots of them for a very cheap price. Simply attach them to your magazine, and that’s it.

And the AR magazine isn’t the only thing you can print. You can also make a 3D printed AR magazine holder, 3D printed AR magazine loader, and 3D printed AR magazine pouch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you 3D print AR magazines?

Yes, you can print AR magazines by yourself. In fact, anyone who has any type of 3D printer can do it, as the process is easy.

You can print as many magazines as you want instead of buying lots of them and wasting money. Just download the model you like, turn on your printer, and start printing.

Can I 3D print an AR-15 magazine?

Yes, you can print any AR magazine, including the AR-15 one. You can find a lot of models for 3D printing, so just choose one and do it.

The 3D printing of magazines is great, especially if you regularly use your rifle, so you know there are never too many magazines. So, print as many as you want.

Is there a 3D printing magazine?

The 3D printing magazine is the first magazine app that deals with 3D prints and everything about it. Lots of articles, videos, and audio will enrich your knowledge.

So if you want to be updated on the newest 3D printing trends and continuously learn something new, this is the way to do it.

Can you 3D print a Glock magazine?

If you’re more into pistols or have the famous Glock, you can 3D print a magazine for it. In the same way as printing the AR-15 magazine, getting a 3D Glock magazine is easy and simple.

Printing the Glock magazine is the cheapest way to obtain as many pieces as you want.


So, as we can easily conclude, a 3D AR magazine is not so impossible to create. The availability of free models for 3D printing magazines makes things very easy. Search the Internet, and download a model for a 3D printed AR magazine to print one for yourself.

So, if you’re planning to print your own magazine, feel free to leave a comment down below and share your experience you have especially about its functionality.

It’s always more rewarding to build your own AR-15 magazine at home than to buy it off the store shelf.

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