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The FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Pistol Frame

So, we’re here to talk about the fantastic FMDA dd17.2 3D printed Glock frame. This printable frame gained the sympathies of all Glock 17 aficionados with its simplicity, easy-to-assemble ability, and easy-to-install rear rail system.

Even though the frame has the famous P80-style grip angle (which is also appreciated by many people), it has retained compatibility with Glock holsters.

What do we know about FMDA dd17.2?

FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Frame Details

The “Plastikov” builder did it again! 

It’s been almost two years since Ivan The Troll introduced the 3D program for the FMDA dd17.2 Glock frame, and it’s still a sensation among Glock fans.

DD17.2 Slide Kit
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DD17.2 Lower Parts Kit
Polymer 80 Lower Parts Kit w/ Trigger

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That’s understandable, given that this Glock model is quite popular, strong, and easy to use at the same time.

The 3D-printable frame allows builders to create their guns by purchasing rail kits (available on the market) and following simple instructions that can be found online.

The most important part is that the file for printing is available and free to download.

What is FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Frame?

FMDA dd17.2 is a fantastic printable frame that is compatible with both the Glock 17 and Glock 22. It’s important to note that this frame surpasses the previous versions of FDMA frames carrying various advantages over the earlier versions.

FMDA dd17.2 in the Wild



FMDA dd17.2 Assembly

FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Frame History

This 3D-printable frame was designed by Ivan The Troll.

Even if you haven’t heard of Ivan The Troll before, which is most unlikely, you have probably run into his amazing works, such as the projects “U-Bolt AR-15” and “Colt 3011”, as well as DIY 3D print files Amigo Grande, FMDA dd26.2, FMDA dd19.2, etc.

So, this popular DIY gun designer started to work on a new version of the frame around two years ago. The dd17.2 frame is considered an improved, updated version of the original FMDA “DIT” Glock frame.

Check out the Glock Switch or 3D printed auto-seer as well.

Ivan The Troll spent a lot of time on tests and adaptation. He considered the feedback from the customers on the first-generation frames and the biggest problems they had. His mission was to design a version that won’t have the same issues.

The file for 3D printing dd17.2 was uploaded online in January 2021, along with a full step-by-step guide on how to assemble the parts. The guide also contains various recommendations on where to find the necessary parts, tools needed, and videos.

FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Frame Tech Specs

For starters, it’s very important to note that this 3D-printable frame is compatible with the standard full size Glock 17 or alternatively Glock 22 (40SW) uppers

The frame is designed as a response to the problems that frequently occur with the original FMDA original DIY Glock frame.

The most important issue that Ivan The Troll wanted to address was the screw-in rear rails of the original version, as that system was the weakest point of the design.

So, the FMDA dd17.2 comes with an improved assembly process and a rear rail system that is easier to install because it doesn’t include screws.

You should also know that the model comes in two versions, one of which (G5 Spring frame) uses a Glock Generation 5 style spring setup. 

Thus, the spring setup you’ll use to build your gun will depend on the frame model.

3D FMDA dd17.2 Print Settings

There’s no rule you must follow when it comes to building your gun. After all, that’s the point of DIY firearms, and you can always put something personal in the design.

However, that should be left to experienced builders, which is why Ivan The Troll left a bunch of instructions so that you get the best results.

For instance, one of the recommendations found in the ZIP file is to leave the print settings as they are since changing them will result in a frame that you’ll have to fit manually.

The best print orientation for FMDA dd17.2 is upright if you’re following the instructions and printing in PLA or Zytel.

The print settings for PLA+ include adjusting the nozzle to 0.4 millimeters, the layer height to 0.15 millimeters, and an interface gap no larger than 0.15 millimeters.

Of course, there is more for adjusting the print setup, and you can find the info in the ZIP file that comes with the frame.

Required Parts for the FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Frame

We already mentioned the comprehensive building guide in the previous sections. When we say thorough, we truly mean PHD-grade thorough since one can find everything they need to build their Glock.

The required parts for the dd17.2 build are:

It’s important to note that you may not find the entire kit. However, you can make your own kit by purchasing various parts from different places.

So, the Glock Parts Kit you’ll need contains a Glock slide, barrel, recoil spring assembly, firing pin safety and spring, striker assembly, channel liner, extractor and spring assembly, rear plate, trigger housing, slide stop, slide latch, slide latch spring, magazine catch, magazine catch spring, and locking block.

FMDA dd17.2 Rail Kit

Even though there are builders who want to build their own dd17.2 rails, the process may be a waste of time. Therefore, many vendors offer rail kits that include all necessary rails and parts.

You should keep in mind that the rails should be marked “FMDA ddXX.2 compatible” (the XX will be the Glock model you want to build).

FMDA dd17.2 Required Tools

  • 3 millimeters and 4 millimeters drill bits
  • Drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Punch
  • Hammer
  • Needle-nosed pliers (optional)


So, that’s it! We hope that you liked our review about FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock Frame, especially because these days, info is hard to find.

If you’re interested in building your own Glock, this 3D-printed frame can be very helpful. Plus, the entire build process is fun.

As you saw, you won’t need many tools, and the frame is well-designed, so it doesn’t require professional skills. Moreover, you’ll find straightforward instructions in the ZIP file you’ll download for this frame.

However, you should always be careful and remember that safety comes first. Also, check out your state laws to be sure that you’re allowed to build your 3D gun.

Finally, don’t forget to leave a comment down below because we would like to hear your opinion on the FMDA dd17.2 3D Printed Glock.

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